The water temperature for aquarium fish

Have you ever wondered why different fish need different temperature? And what is the impact on them of the discrepancy? And how they are sensitive to changes? Quick changes in temperature aquarium fish suffer badly, this is one reason, from which newly purchased fish die. To fish accustomed, they need to acclimatize.

Simply put, the higher the water temperature, the faster fish grow, but also age faster. We have collected some of the frequent questions about the temperature for aquarium fish and tried to answer them in an accessible form.

Fish cold-blooded?

Yes, their body temperature depends on the ambient temperature. Only a few fish, for example, some catfishes, can modify body temperature, and even sharks maintain a body temperature several degrees higher than the temperature of the water.

This means that the water temperature directly affects fish?

Water temperature affects the rate of physiological processes in the body of the fish. For example, in winter, the fish of our ponds are inactive, because the metabolism drops significantly in cold water.

At high temperatures, the water holds fewer dissolved oxygen, and fish is very important. That is why in the summer we often see how the fish rise to the surface and breathing hard.

Bystryanskaya temperature aquarium fish suffer badly, this is one reason, from which newly purchased fish die. To fish accustomed, they need to acclimatize.

Simply put, the higher the water temperature, the faster fish grow, but also age faster.

How sensitive are fish to temperature changes?

Fish feel the slightest change in the temperature of the water, some even such as 0.03 C. Aquarium fish typically, all tropical species, and, therefore, are used to living in warm water with a constant temperature. When the abrupt change, if not they will die, we will experience significant stress and ill infectious disease, due to the weakening of the immune system.

Fish who live in climates similar to ours, much more stable. All cyprinids, for example, tolerate different temperatures. Yes what there to speak, even known to all goldfish, can live at a temperature of 5C and at more than 30C, although such temperatures and are critical for them.

And there are fish that tolerate extreme water?

Yes, some species can temporarily live in hot water. For example, some species of killifish that live in Death Valley, can migrate up to 45, and some tilapia swimming in the hot keys with a temperature of about 70C. But they cannot live long in such water, protein in their blood just starts pooling up.

But fish can live in icy water, more. Both poles are found in fish that produce a kind of antifreeze in his blood, allowing them to live in water with temperatures below zero.

What if summers are very hot?

As already mentioned, a warm water holds less oxygen, and fish begin to experience oxygen starvation. They start to suffocate, and the first thing to do is to enable a powerful aeration or filtration to enhance water movement and metabolic processes in it. Next, you need to put in the aquarium bottle of cold water (or ice, if you were preparing for such a situation), or to replace part of the fresh water with lower temperature.

Well, the simplest and most expensive solution is air conditioning in the room. And more about all it read in the material — hot summer, lower the temperature .

But the simplest and most inexpensive is to put 1-2 cooler to direct the flow of air on the surface of the water. It is a proven cheap way to cool the temperature in the aquarium for 2 to 5 degrees.

What tropical fish can be kept in cold water?

Although some tropical fish like tetras hiding or cardinals. even prefer cool water, for most it is too much stress.

The analogy is simple, we too can live quite a long time on the street and sleep in the open air, but in the end everything will end for us sad, we at least get sick.

Do I need to change the water in the aquarium with water of the same temperature?

Yes, it is desirable that it was as much as possible. But, many species of tropical fish, adding fresh water with a lower temperature, associated with the rainy season and the beginning of spawning. If you breed fish in your tasks is not included, it is better not to risk and to even the settings.

For marine fishes, definitely need to equalize the temperature of the water, because sea water has no abrupt jumps.

How long you need to acclimate new fish?

Read more about acclimatization you can read by clicking on the link. But, in short, actually fish need a lot of time to get used to new conditions. Only the water temperature is critical when planting a new aquarium, and preferably its maximum level.

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