The underwater ocean world of giant predatory fish.

The shark with the Latin name is Galeocerdo cuvier biologists determined in 1822, and from that time she was nicknamed the tiger shark. These sharks got their name due to the dark stripes and spots that cover the body of the “minors” of this species. Also in this title to show all the cruelty that is inherent in the shark, which is the second most deadly shark after the great white.

It should be noted that the tiger shark is a part of the family Carcharhinidae Requiem sharks. Despite its reputation, this predator also got another nickname: “sea scavenger” or “scavenger of the sea”.

It turns out that the tiger shark can eat anything from sea turtles and seals, which constitute the bulk of its diet, to more exotic kinds of “food” – rubber tires, beer bottles, nails, a driver’s license, clothes, explosives, crocodile heads, cats, pigs, and even pens, with all their inhabitants (there were precedents). In Australia, for example, was caught tiger shark with a whole and intact head of the horse in the stomach!

Why the tiger shark is called tiger?

So who are these deadly and eternally hungry predators? To begin with, what is this species different from other sharks? Well, as we already mentioned, for shark’s distinctive “tiger” colour, which is most noticeable in young specimens. Tiger sharks have a white or yellowish belly, the rest of the body is painted in cool colors range from bluish-green to dark gray.

At birth these predators have a length of from 50 to 70 centimeters. They grow much larger. An adult tiger shark can reach 4 meters in length and weighing around 680 pounds. Some individuals can grow up to 5 meters and weight gain up to 900 pounds.

Especially tiger sharks

Tiger sharks are generally considered slow and sluggish, but their fins are capable of giving instant acceleration when they’re tracking prey. Like other sharks, our tiger is moving through its fins. The main reason for mobility are very mobile pectoral and caudal fins, and tail. Pectoral fin helps the shark to change direction.

Like other shark species, this predator has a special vibration detectors, which help them to detect movement of potential prey in the water. She has a very thick skin, which can be up to 10 times stronger than the hide of the bull.

The tiger shark has a wider mouth in comparison with other members of the shark family, but it is not important. The biggest difference is inside its mouth are the teeth of a predator. Each tooth is a separate instrument for murder. Its shape resembles sharpened from two sides hammer with lots of sharp indent that will literally “saw” his victim.

The predator has identical upper and lower jaw, so really there is nothing that this shark could not eat. Even very hard-shelled sea turtles is not a big obstacle for this predator.

Habitat and lifestyle striped killers

The tiger shark lives mainly in the tropical and temperate latitudes. Besides providing food for these predators do not have any requirements to living conditions. Tiger shark can be found close to the surface and near the bottom (at a depth of 350 m), it swims in various waters, including bays and estuaries of rivers. Most often these predators are found in muddy water of coastal areas that have huge reserves of food.

This predator does a great way to “eat”. One study showed that the shark in search of food sailed a very large distance. This also means that these predators have no permanent places of feeding. Most likely, the sharks visit separate places without a certain regularity.

For biologists it is sometimes hard to separate the love of a tiger shark to food from any other reasons for returning to a certain place. For example, scientists know that most of these sharks migrate to warmer places when it gets cold, but biologists are unsure whether these predators follow their prey, or they simply prefer the warmer climate.

Tiger sharks are considered to be nocturnal animals, but there were cases of food throughout the day. In Hawaii, for example, these predators are not nocturnal because their food is the monk seals are a daily way of life.

Reproduction of the sea tigers

Striped tigers is a lonely hunter, to see the group attack only if there exists a sufficiently large quantity of food. Although these sharks spend most of the time in search of food, sometimes they make the breaks on reproduction. For these animals are characterized by a live birth that occurs after the young are hatched from eggs in the mother’s womb.

The mating ritual is very specific. During fertilization the male is biting the female on the dorsal fin and hold it in this position. This mating ritual is very painful and traumatic for females. Females give birth approximately every three years, possibly due to significant pain during fertilization.

The tiger shark usually carrying their offspring for approximately 14-16 months. The average number of offspring is 40 individuals, but this number can vary from 10 to 80. Once born the cub of a tiger shark, he is left alone with the outside world, the mother to worry about him not even taking into account its small size and slow growth.

“Minor” sharks have a very elongated tail, making it almost impossible for fast swimming. Visible “tiger” stripes that are so characteristic of the young individuals may need in order to get lost among the coastal waves and not fall prey to other predators. Small tiger sharks need to be very careful, as adult relatives just can eat them.

Power supply tiger shark people?

As already mentioned, the most interesting in the tiger shark is its diet, which varies with growth and maturation. Small individuals feed mainly on fish and sea snakes, but with their growth of their jaws allows you to grab the booty bigger. Studies have shown that small sharks have very diverse tastes. In Hawaii, for example, they feed mainly on sea birds, but in Australia, sea snakes are common on the menu. Most of these predators feed on local marine species.

Because tiger sharks live in warm waters and love of the coastal zone, it is possible to avoid contact is not successful, sometimes a person falls victim to their attack. However, even despite the monstrous appetite of this predator, most attacks could be simply because the shark wanted to know if it’s edible or not, and not because I wanted to eat.

The reduction of the total shark population has not gone unnoticed and for our tiger shark. This predator like no one else keeps the balance in the world ocean ecosystem, and the decreasing population can have dire results.

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