The importance of fish in human nutrition

There are some foods that are simultaneously rich in iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamins A, E, D, and amino acids that are necessary for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, thyroid gland and stomach. But in fish, all these elements abound. Therefore it is very importance of fish in human nutrition. In addition, this product small fat content (30%), it is perfectly assimilated by the human stomach digests the protein contained in fish, only 1.5-2 hours compared to 5 hours it takes to digest, say, beef.

The importance of fish in nutrition

People suffering from excess weight, just perfect river fish, which contains 2.5 grams of fat per 100 grams of weight. But suffering from diabetes can have it without any restrictions, because the number of carbohydrates it is small – only 0.1%.

Fish, competing in this regard with the chicken, is an excellent source of high quality protein which contains all necessary for normal functioning of amino acids. It also differs from meat protein by the presence of methionine.

Due to the fact that the collagen that makes up connective tissue, has the property of rapid transition in a soluble form, fish is easy to cook, and its tissues become loose, blagodaram provides maximum and rapid absorption of all nutrients. The most rich in protein fish include salmon, trout, and salmon, Beluga, easier to say that all representatives of groups of sturgeon and salmon. Great importance in human nutrition fish is also underpinned by a very high nutritional value due to high concentration of fatty acids. It refers to oily marine fish – salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, salmon and other things.

Polyunsaturated acids are the owners of great physiological activity, have a beneficial effect on intercellular processes, have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the level of fat in the blood and help in reducing body weight.

Any fish is a valuable and affordable source of phosphorus, fluorine and iodine. The liver of most fish is rich in vitamins A, D and E. of Course, you need to consider that in case of long storage, freezing, drying, significantly reduced the nutritional value of fish.

The healing properties of fish

People knew about food and the medicinal properties of fish. It was very popular and in food, and for medicinal purposes. Fish glue was used as a means of hemorrhages, the liver of burbot was treated by a thorn, and the meat of tench, applied to the soles of the feet, treated fevers. Of course, these treatments are no longer used, but modern medicine continues to apply many of the substances derived from fish. This is insulin, campolon, Pancreatin and many more. Everyone knows about the fish oil obtained from cod liver. Also found that tissue of some fishes have antiseptic properties.

Fish prevents the development of arrhythmia

After long extensive research, the American scientists have found that regular consumption of broiled or baked fish helps in preventing the development of cardiac arrhythmias. For 12 years he conducted a thorough study and comparison of the diet of people older than 65 years. The result showed that those who several times a week eat fish from the sea, much less suffered from heart arrhythmia, than those who ate it once a month or even less frequently. Scientists explain the positive effect on cardiac work of those fatty acids, which we mentioned above. The researchers believe that, if we can convince people of the usefulness of fish can substantially reduce the incidence of arrhythmia.

In Europe also want to impress upon the people the notion of the beneficial properties of fish compared to meat. The results of studies conducted by the French, have demonstrated that people who eat fish are much less likely to suffer from bowel cancer than those of meat.

The importance of sea and ocean fish

Eating of sea and ocean fish, you can protect yourself from the risk of stroke and sudden death due to heart failure. Even if you eat fish once a week, probability of heart failure is reduced in two times. In this we come to the aid of fatty acids. According to the statistics, the consumption of fish once a week 22% reduces the probability of stroke, and five times per week reduce this figure by 54%. A similar effect is observed for other seafood, such as algae like seaweed.

The value of river fish

Its needed and useful is a freshwater fish. Its nutritional properties, it can effectively compete with the best sorts of meat, while it is much easier and faster absorbed by the body. Due to this it is widely used in the dietary, it is an important component in the diet of children and the elderly.

Don’t forget about the great role of fish in clinical nutrition – fish diet is often prescribed in obesity.

Note that the number of nutrients in fish and their composition are subject to seasonal fluctuations. A great role for habitat, food base, as well as the age of the fish. The greatest content of nutrients in fish occurs before spawning, and during and after spawning – quite the contrary.

Fish dishes not only affect the strengthening of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. On how well and balanced you eat, affects the lifespan, brain function and quality of memory. Fish oil is a supplier of fatty acids, help blood circulation. The better the blood circulates, the faster the brain get nutrients.

It should be noted that the importance of fish in human nutrition is often overlooked. Despite the fact that Russia is one of the Maritime countries, the Central regions do not consider it their traditional food fish dishes. In this we need to learn from the Europeans.

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