Ross-Fish Farms

Farms (fish farm) is located 14 km North-West S. ROS district of the Moscow region. The area is characterized by the development of mostly marine sediments and high pasture. Laboratornye and ground water is hydrocarbonate-chloride-calcium type. The fish farm is located in water-ecological zone.

The economy territory with the one hand limit of the Cretaceous mountains on the other – the key and a field with perennial grasses. Land not classified as agricultural land and located in slaboperesechennoy the floodplain of streams. Much of the land occupied trees and shrubs. The ichthyofauna of small streams: common gudgeon, loach moustached, verhovka ordinary.

The Key Belogorsk meets trout brook. Ulyanovsk region to treat the area III pond fish farming, as a sufficiently favorable climatic conditions for growing heat-loving fish species. However, the temperature of the water of the fish farm does not exceed 12. 14 °C. the spring water that feeds these ponds, contains little nutrients, sludge is poor in organic substances so that they poorly developed plankton and benthos. The productivity of such reservoirs are non-nutritive.

The objects of fish farming can be fish that require low temperatures, high oxygen content in water and consuming artificial feed. Passing through the ponds, spring water lingers and warms up. In the last cascadeproef the water temperature in summer is 25. 27°S. These waters are used for cultivation of carp and sturgeon.

Large 47 inch trout consumed 20 shrews.

This news does not seem natural, that are 47 inch trout, it is a fact, of course we can’t always see them on the shelves of our stores, but in nature they are found, so let’s turn to the story itself, the other day there was a loud flashy news “in the stomach of trout found 20 shrews”

Rainbow trout threatens the destruction of other species in Kyrgyzstan

It seems that the trout sometimes can be a real problem, the Kyrgyz authorities are very concerned about the massive cultivation of rainbow trout. According to the Agency of environmental protection trout can destroy various species of fish in Issyk-Kul.

Radiation in seafood supply Japan

At customs, the cases of detection of radioactive substances in fish products and seafood supplied by Japan. However to ban the import of products because of the radiation no one is going – as by the statements of officers of the level of radiation is still within the acceptable norm.

Sturgeon breeding in the Urals

The cultivation of valuable breeds of fishes in cold climates in the Urals, it would seem that hardly anyone will undertake to raise trout, sturgeon and sterlet in the harsh climate. However, in the Sverdlovsk region in 2011 raised over 100 tons of trout and sturgeon

Trout Kamloops

Kamloops trout – the rainbow trout, but the deep, lives mostly in Canada. It was delivered in Russia in 1982. Puberty occurs at the age of 2-3 years, it’s worth noting that the percentage of Mature fish at times less than that of rainbow trout.

The biggest fish caught on the bait – tuna kg (+ video)

The kiwi caught a 335-pound tuna at the moment it is the largest tuna. caught the bait. Newly-minted champion fisherman wants to give the fish you caught for the manufacture of stuffed animals, but, unfortunately, there were some problems.

Deadly poison in the Dnieper river.

Not so long ago inhabitants of the village near the river reported that in the river died out virtually all fish and called the Police. Were later taken tests of water, the results were not comforting in the river an unknown, a potent poison.

Jellyfish attacked the popular beaches in Dubai

Jellyfish attacked the popular beaches in Dubai. Almost all the beaches are closed for tourists and visitors. Rosturizm proposes to refuse to visit the beaches of this country.

A new species of trout “Adler” and “Kamloops Augustine” is the most sustainable kind of trout

A short story about new kinds of trout, such as “Adler” and “Kamloops Augustine”, which is best adapted for cultivation in our conditions. So breeders have managed to obtain a stable view to the warm temperature of the water and much more that will allow the trout to breed more efficient

The main types of fishing for trout: rainbow and Sevan trout

Recently we have received many questions about the different trout species, the main issues are – what are different types of trout.

At present, almost all pond fish farms and the fish farms of the Russian Federation and CIS trout on a level with such fish as Carp. Basically a species of trout is the rainbow trout.

Fish kills due to cold / ice

Due to frost killed fish throughout Russia, despite the fact that this winter the frosts are not so strong, they were very long, the river was frozen and the fish becomes harder and harder to breathe. So this week we can watch the news headlines that throughout Russia is extremely dying fish, here are just some of the regions that were pioneers of a disaster.

A new kind of “fish killers” found in Amazon

A new kind of so-called “fish killers” received the official name and was entered into the database by scientists from Brazil. Fish is known as Rivulus albae belongs to the species, and Melanorivulus has been found in a swampy area in the northeast of Brazil.

How to protect the trout from extinction in the hot and dry summer, or experience forelevoe from the USA.

In 2010-11, there was mass mortality of trout and other valuable fish species in fish farms and fish-breeding farms of Russia and CIS countries. How to protect the fish from extinction and what are farmers from other countries for its safety, fighting global warming.

The article describes the methods used (from folk to high-tech) protects the fish from extinction in the hot season

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