Pond fish farming, fisheries

Pond fish farming is a type of economic activity. which uses high-yielding species for cultivation in specially equipped natural and artificial water bodies for the purpose of receiving all kinds of fish products.

Pond aquaculture also includes the complex of measures on construction of fish ponds, swimming pools and other bodies of water: the digging of ditches, dams and levees, water supply and water discharge facilities, rybolovleva, etc.

This includes scientifically developed techniques for breeding, artificial reproduction, feeding and the optimum conditions of the fish to ensure a productive outcome.

The content of fish in pond fisheries.

In the same pond can be kept as a single species of fish, and several species simultaneously. Remember to take into account the characteristics of each species and their mutual compatibility. Some species of fish require cold flowing water saturated with oxygen, another — warm standing water with lots of organics and small amount of oxygen. Some species of fish to mohalalitoe only in freshwater, some in saltwater, and there are those that can live in that.

To a cold-water fish include trout. burbot, pike, salmon, Arctic Cisco, grayling and others.

The technology of fish culture and fisheries include not only the maintenance of a temperature mode. This includes providing fish with oxygen, water disinfection, filtration of harmful components and toxins, prevention of the disease. the fertilizer ponds. the destruction of noxious vegetation and various wastes, maintaining appropriate pH and other measures.

Tasks for pond fish culture.

The constant deterioration of the ecology of the water bodies of the planet leads to a dramatic decrease of the catch of industrial fish. Pond fish farming helps to partially solve this problem, making up for the lack of fish in world fisheries. In addition, fish ponds help meet the constant need of man in this form of gambling activities like fishing. Another scope of fish culture — ornamental ponds, in which aesthetic purposes are bred exotic fish species.

The aquaculturists-lovers have been breeding fish as a hobby, equipping different types of aquariums.

The feeding of fish.

Feeding can be done both manually and automatically, using autokorpusas. Feeding is performed in the same areas of the reservoir, with the same frequency (usually 2-3 times a day).

Dosage of feed should be chosen with the needs of fish. Not allowed significant overfeeding and underfeeding. Amount of daily feed dose usually ranges from 2 to 8% of the body weight of the fish.

The diet is based on the species preference fish, and is prepared at intensive or semi-intensive method of keeping fish from calculation of the optimal ratio of protein, fats and vegetable components.

Control the fishing.

This is a technique for studying the condition of fish and progress in growth. Is held 2 times a month, with the help of dragnet. “Designs” fish are taken from several areas of the pond. The inspection and weighing of fish caught, calculated the average weight.

Carefully inspect for signs of diseases. Healthy fish should be free of plaque on the body, sores, bruises, changes color, disrupting the structure of scales, pucheglazija, bloating, fracture fins, lesions of the gills, etc. Sometimes to confirm the diagnosis, the diagnostic opening of the fish.

In case of disease curative measures are taken. Sick fish be quarantined or disposed of, returned to a healthy pond.

The final fish harvest.

Produced on the stage of completion of cultivation in order to obtain marketable products.

In ponds, with the discharge of water, the harvest procedure is significantly simplified. After the descent of the water the fish hits ribological where it can be obtained easily.

If the pond is not equipped with a spillway, you have to use nonsense, nets, seines, nets and other tackle. This procedure begins with places where the feeding fish there will be her highest concentration. After the start of feeding, when the fish swims up to the food distribution area, you can begin the catch.

The procedure is repeated several times, then wait 2-3 days and re-harvest.

Preparation of the pond to the zimovaniya.

If you plan to leave the fish in wintering pond, it is necessary to take certain measures.

First, before placing on wintering fish subjected to prophylactic treatment with medicines.

Secondly, as the formation of ice to make a hole with a diameter of 1-2 meters. To prevent freezing you can cover the hole with straw. If the hole appears dead fish — it is necessary to catch.

Be aware that even when following all the rules of keeping fish in wintering ponds, a certain percentage of the fish may still die.

The equipment needed for pond culture.

The inventory might need a variety, but the most popular are: seines, nets, feeders and conventional automatic, Kormozagotovka, boats, kameshkovsky, aerators, ribamontan, tables for sorting fish, lifts, incubation rack, thermoasymmetry and much more.

Pond fish farming is not only productive but also fun, contributing to the unity of man with nature.

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