Octopus — talented sea creatures

Dear readers unusual site. now I will tell you about my favorite sea creatures — the octopus. It is known to vnutritrekovye cephalopods with eight limbs, which appeared in the seas and oceans of our planet 250 million years ago. If not for aquatic mammals — whales and dolphins — peopled the depths of just over 50 million years before us, the octopus is considered the most intelligent beings of the oceans. And now they are the most intelligent creatures among invertebrates and are superior in this respect even fish, not to mention the crabs, lobsters and their brothers in the type of shellfish. Man has long known that octopuses are well trained and can easily become tame and have a wonderful memory. Of ill fame and reputation of a ruthless octopus octopoda obliged to Victor Hugo and his novel “Toilers of the sea”. In fact, they’re creatures no more dangerous than cod, docile and friendly. However, protecting the nest with a brood, the octopus bite can hurt, and its saliva contains venom, swelling which at best doesn’t come for almost a month.

Here are some awesome illustrated facts about these extremely unusual creations of God.

1. In fact the octopus has six hands and two legs. It is difficult to distinguish between them, but the octopus knows where. Two limbs (legs) they move by crawling on the seabed and other surfaces, the remaining six are used for obtaining food. If the octopus is well-fed and calm, he can easily use hands to… to fold a Rubik’s cube.

2. With no skeleton, the octopus is incredibly flexible. Therefore, these molluscs are passionate somewhere to climb or somewhere to get out. They love hollow objects, and it is successfully used by fishermen.

Here is the famous video about how the octopus is selected from a glass box through a hole with a diameter of just one inch:

3. The ability to change body color octopus second only to the cuttlefish. Even after the death of their chromatophores continue to work. One day the luminary spearfishing James Aldridge killed the octopus to cook and eat. He put a dead clam for scrapping sheet of newspaper and the creature instantly changed color, becoming striped, in white and black stripes, copying the text to which it was put!

How nondescript coral polyp may in fact be the highest of soft-bodied creatures, perfectly seen in time-lapse underwater:

For changing the color of the octopus and its good reaction is primarily responsible eyes. Only the eyes of cats, owls Yes people can compete with them. The eyes of the octopus so great for him that the field of view close to 360 degrees. They are characterized by the so-called “expression” — in the eyes of the octopus can be read joy, and fear, and anger.

4. To get to the food, octopus copes with the… opening cans:

5. Octopus love, love to hide, because they sleep during the day. Those who live in the seas of Indonesia, playing “hide and seek” and acting like a crab and “nykaemsya” below the empty shells of coconuts:

And this is perhaps the most intelligent of octopus inhabiting the coast of Australia. One day he found two doors that had previously belonged to the major shell, and…

6. In the seas of Southeast Asia lives the so-called octopus-Thaumoctopus mimicus the simulator, which reaches 60 cm length and imitates in form and movement so different from his creatures, like sea snakes, flatfish, brittle stars, crabs, jellyfish and shrimp. Mimic octopus is not poisonous, so they love to feast on Barracuda and sharks. To assume the form of a poisonous sea creatures — salvation to his short life, because they live oktapodi no longer than 2 years, dying after mating and raising offspring.

7. But with regard to poisonous octopuses, small elegant clam Hapalochlaena maculosa, in which the excited state is covered with bright blue spots, otherwise as “blue death” in Australia is not called. At first he does not attack people, because is small and pretty good. But once in the ocean off Sydney bathed three Australian and one caught a little of their brightly colored osminozhik. Put the clam in the palm and began to boast of his comrades. The octopus stayed on his hands just a few minutes, after which it barely tore. Half an hour later the young man died from suffocation. The poison contained in grupocoltel the octopus, enough for 40 people. The only cure is urgent session artificial respiration.

8. Octopus, like most cephalopods, have in the body of the ink bag, which contains an organic dye from the group of melanin. In times of danger the octopus throw a jet of ink and safely flee, leaving the enemy to wander in the dark. The California octopus main enemy — the vile predatory fish, the Moray eel. It turned out that the ink of the octopus paralyse the olfactory centers of eels for an hour or longer. If the octopus, “stunned” fish, no time to slip away, that he gets to ruin the ink. So often in aquariums, where due to the limited space usually maneuvering mollusks are powerless before their own fright.

Here they are, octopus, difficult and funny creatures. And we eat them for us… Here is a little cartoon, on snack:

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