Melkogalechnyj catfish

The area

Distribution: various water bodies, often with standing water and brackish water, often in streams of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Burma as well as around Indochina.


Body length up to 35 cm in the aquarium, up to 70 cm in natural waters.

It got its name for the original breathing apparatus, reminiscent of a light, by which the fish can tolerate adverse gaseous regime of the reservoir. This unit is two bags, stretching on both sides of the back along the entire body, the walls soaked with lots of blood vessels.

Body structure and coloring . elongated, laterally compressed body; when swimming the fish is a snake-like meanders. Coloration modest gray-brown. Anal fin long, the others small and rounded. Head with small eyes, mouth 4 pairs of whiskers. The whole body and fins dark brown. Dorsal and pectoral spines armed with strong, injection which is very painful.

In some American books say that the shot messageremove soma lethal at all, but actually a lethal outcome is possible only in people who are prone to allergies. Action messageremove catfish venom and bee venom are similar, feeling about the same, and when necessary, the treatment prescribed is similar.


I messageremove soma short dorsal fin. Additional respiratory organomet type of long blind pouches extending from the Gill cavity and stretching of the spinal musculature to the tail. However, some researchers believe that in these bags is not air, and the water used for moistening the gills at the time, while melkogalechnyj som is on land. The fact that the walls of the bags do not have such a dense network of blood vessels as tree-like branched appendages branchial cavity. According to others, melkogalechnyj som rises to the water surface and gulp air. If to deprive it of this possibility, it can only live in constantly changes of water. But in stagnant water, without access to atmospheric air, it dies within 5 to 7 p.m.

Even in clean oxygenated water, catfish will still rise to the top of the portions of atmospheric air.

Sexual distinction: females are larger and fuller than males.

Melkogalechnyj catfish Albino

The content

Large catfish, which thanks to the original body shape and unique behavior likely will appeal to fans of “extreme” aquarium. Extremely territorial, pugnacious. Even attacks on fish, beyond its size. Prefers a solitary existence.

Undemanding kind, the majority of the time lying on the bottom or hangs among the plants, behind the filter and in other secluded places. In search of food floating in the aquarium. The recommended water temperature is 21-27°C.


Despite having venomous spines, this catfish is often kept in home waters. To avoid trouble, be careful when catching him with a net, and in that moment, when you lower your hand into the aquarium. Melkogalechnyj com the first does not attack, but defends itself if it is accidentally pressed.

Catfish are active mainly at night, in the daytime prefer to hide in various shelters.

To better contain and commensurate with moving fish. The water quality is not important. The aquarium should be covered as at night soma, sporting, often jump out.


Live fish, insects and any animals available in size. Swallows prey whole. Traditional sinking frozen and dry food, including on the basis of vegetable. Quickly get accustomed to the power feed.


Fry catfish messageremove

Spawning pair, the male prepares the nest in the shelter, flower pot, coconut shell, stone, etc.; subsequently, the male cares for the eggs and fry. Before spawning coloration and lightens dark spots appear. The stimulus for spawning are abundant frequent water change, the temperature rise. Often fish spawn on their own, especially in large (150 liters per pair) aquariums. For stable fish breeding stimulating hormone (injection of gonadotropin or preparation of pituitary gland). Fertility is 100-200 eggs. The spawning and the feeding of fry of catfish melkogalechnyj, is the same as clareson. Sexual maturity of the soma reach the age of about 8-10 months.

Reproduction is stimulated by the addition of fresh water. As take spawning tank length of 60 cm with a low level of fresh warm water. Temperature is 24-28°C. the bottom pour gravel, since the eggs vymatyvayutsya in a small depression in the soil. Transplanted in a spawning pair swims side by side. At dusk begins spawning. One female can produce up to 10,000 adhesive eggs are greenish. Masonry is guarded by the male or both parents. However, the better producers at the end of the spawning season to plant, and some water to replace. At a temperature of 24°C, egg development lasts all day, even after 3-4 days the fry begin to swim. From this point they need to be fed Artemia nauplii. Young melkogalechnyj som head is disproportionately large, and they hardly resemble their parents until they are of length 5 cm. the water Level in the first time it is necessary to maintain low, not more than 15-20 cm, not forgetting that during the first days of life fry yet additional the respiratory system.

15 years ago I had these catfish spawn in the General aquarium. They were a gift for my birthday. Experts said that only spawn after injection. It so happened that I was not to fish (had a daughter, diaper, feeding, etc.). I’m a month and a half didn’t change the water, just topped up the evaporated and then replaced with sifonki 40 percent. The next day began a rapid spawning. A 140 liter aquarium, lots of plants and fish. They chased each other throughout the tank, scattering eggs everywhere. Eggs I collected and tried to raise the fry.

Melkogalechnyj catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis)

Large catfish

Fry catfish messageremove

Albino Fisherman caught messageremove Melkogalechnyj catfish catfish Albino

Melkogalechnyj catfish Albino

Snout catfish Catfish

Melkogalechnyj catfish Albino Catfish

The size of the aquarium

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