Marine Aquarium

The influence of aquarium health

In the conditions of modern life, when most of us are always in a hurry and bustle in our everyday lives, we often experience stress. However, there is a simple but effective tool that can help you relax and relieve nervous tension – a saltwater aquarium. in which without any fuss develops a unique life. Doctors say that watching this is a bit of wildlife: smooth motion of seaweed and beautiful fish has a relaxing effect on the human psyche, removing fatigue and giving peace.

“ Environmental” marketing in restaurants and offices

If the restaurant or in the office of the head office there is a beautiful large aquarium, you can be sure that there will be created the atmosphere of comfort and coziness that promote a positive image of the institution. The aquarium will attract the attention of people who came in the restaurant or on reception to the head office, improving their mood. Unique underwater world will also maintain a good ecological environment in the room.

The design philosophy of aquariums

In accordance with today’s popular doctrine of “Feng Shui” flowing water is the center of life it brings into our lives harmony. The living water represents spiritual liferights, and its material prosperity. That’s why bright marine aquarium is well placed to achieve positive energy in the house, atmosphere of coziness and harmony. Invisible waves emanating from it seemed to wash away the negative and fatigue. The aquarium design can transform not only the interior, but also mood, and health!

Aquarium and interior

When planning the manufacture of aquarium in the interior, it is necessary to achieve a harmonious coexistence of the environment and the aquatic system in which the aquarium is a continuation of the interior. When using a special aquarium stand it is possible to show himself a saltwater aquarium in the most favorable light, and all the technical details (equipment and automation, providing conditions for vital activity of marine organisms) will remain out of sight of guests. Modern housing for marine species can be equipped with sound and light equipment, capable of using special software to create the effect of presence in nature (in the woods, at a stream or waterfall, etc.).

The features of a modern aquarium:

1. Automated systems of the home for fish.

2. Possibility of remote control via Internet or mobile phone.

3. The use of equipment from most quality manufacturers.

4. The use of ultra-clear glass.

5. Unique design solutions in the interior.

6. Automatic dosing of trace elements in the aquarium with corals.

7. The inclusion of back-up power for electrical appliances and water when needed.

8. Webcast video and photos on the mobile phone and the Internet.

9. Email notifications about the status of aquatic systems.

Automated systems of life support – AquaDigitalLife (ol-l Aquacoral )

Today, thanks to the full automation of aquariums to order, it became much easier to exploit. In the current model systems are used autodrive and water change, the system of membranes and filters that best purify the water. With the help of automatic control system of the aquarium “AquaDigitalLife” company Aquacoral . you can adjust the necessary parameters of water: temperature and salinity, acidity and water level and other. All these automatic systems, as well as the opportunity to receive messages about the state of the aquarium by phone or through the Internet, provide an opportunity to create the most favorable for marine life conditions.

Modern equipment and technologies

Modern technology establishment of marine currents in the underwater world behind the glass (closed loop) allows to achieve the necessary for the life of coral sea water movement. Lighting home for fish combined modern fixtures that use metal halide and blue fluorescent lights, giving the entire spectrum of solar light, which ensures the full development of corals. Water treatment methods based on algae and mangrove filters, and the use of various flotation and calcium reactors creates in the aquarium sea water, the quality of which is as close to natural sea water.

Possibility of remote control via Internet or mobile phone.

In addition to message retrieval remote monitoring and control system allows you to observe on-line for it and its inhabitants or to obtain high-quality pictures, and even using SMS messages to change the weather in aquatic systems.

Control system water leak

To prevent leakage of water from the aquarium to establish a modern monitoring system, which is based on the use of modern optical water level sensors, emergency fueling and safety relays.

The dwellers of the aquarium

If you are going to purchase a modern marine aquarium, you should first consult with experts about which residents will be able to live in specific conditions of the aquatic system. Today with the development of technologies of life support of aquarium systems, each customer will be able to purchase a modern technological complex that is able to provide comfortable conditions for life and development of aquarium inhabitants. From the owner of the amazing underwater world will be required only to the direct feeding of the marine Pets. Today home for fish and other marine life can be designed for a specific interior that will make the room unique and unique. The presence of such a magnificent element in the interior brings one closer to nature, besides in this room the atmosphere will promote relaxation and proper rest after a hard, eventful day.

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