Marine aquarium – bonding, Assembly

The first work – bonding of sump

The Assembly of the aquarium I started with SAMP. Wanted to kill not just two but several birds with one stone. First, saving money, as the volume of cans was not small, and making the most of your own hands, you can save additional money on high quality equipment and aquatic organisms. Secondly, I wanted to check if I am able to do everything myself. Thirdly, and if I can, then: how will be glued is large and heavy aquarium. This should be checked. So took the glass thickness 8 mm – for the sake of experiment.

Looking glass led to the website of Crystal that cut glass on the laser machine and cut the edge. But the most interesting is the price, it was similar to an ordinary glass cutter. In General, called the office, learned what they need to know for the order, I printed your schematic and on the way to work drove to their office. Custom designed for 40 minutes we discussed all the details thoroughly, talked on related topics. Issue price turned out 2 300 – 2 400 RUB (or rather not remember). After 4 days I called and was told that you can take the glass. Stunned! Everything was Packed in thick cardboard, and if packable 2-3 leaves, all padded with additional cardboard. Sizes are met perfectly…

Buy aquarium sealant and masking tape took place without problems in the near Chkalovsk. And then began the most interesting – we had all the mess and neatly glued together. Wanted the clearances were exactly 1 mm. this value was calculated from all the walls and internal partitions. Two nights was meditating on improvised material – it was necessary to collect a frame (frame), which would allow appending to withstand the required geometry.

The funny thing is – the book does not give real advice about gluing. But is it possible to take seriously the drawing, which shows a horizontal sheet of glass, which is on the edge of the applied sealant, and puts a hand on the edge of another glass! And how much so you have to keep the glass? A day – until the sealer will not seize? Yes glass will lead you astray, and the weight will squeeze all of the sealant and the glass will fall one on the other. Searching the forums did not give a good answer. Although, in some places it was evident that the people hitting against the wall or heavy furniture to keep the geometry right angles.

Ideally, probably, it is necessary to collect the machine. Clamping the sheets of glass in a clamp and so on. … But for me it was cheap and cheerful. And so it happened: for the frame could use a few shinchimachi boards (had some from the modernization of the aviary) and furniture steel parts. The frame holding the glass sides and bottom (the design, not the orientation of the sump), and on top were placed the current glue the sheet. To get a neat seam, the edges decided to put toothpicks or pins of nails with a diameter of 1 mm. after hardening of the sealant carefully cut them, and the thickness of the seam is sustained. For the formation of beautiful stitches used teaspoon.

The sequence of the gluing of the sump had the following:

Glass should be patched with tape to highlight future seams.

Frame clamped at the top and bottom of the sump short walls and interior partitions for overflow and first glued one long side. It can lie evenly on all sides and partitions.

The next day, the design is flipped and glued the long side two.

On the third day glued to the bottom (placed on top of the design).

I made a few mistakes:

Insufficient rigidity of the frame when you glue the glass hard enough, it can lead. We must not forget a couple of diagonals in the design. And provide solid studs for putting in a seam, the first sheet laid on the match – got them to come. The total amount that for “long one” from one end of the joint thickness 0.8 mm. and the other about 0.5 mm.

Projected narrow overflow – 2, see the result, it is impossible to climb and place the stitches and then easily remove the tape.

After completing the gluing – test. Put under the table in the kitchen and poured water up to the top. Specially put on the newspaper to make it easier to notice a leak. Two days – flight normal. Overall it turned out well. Later, the specialists looked and said that glued correctly.

The second work is the Cabinet under the aquarium

This work was much easier. Frame ordered from our friends “Art metal”, the issue price of 1 500 p. a Plywood of 15 mm. bought in a nearby store. For reliability and stability of the grabbed frame to the wall anchors.

Bottom put two sheets of plywood, and the top, under the aquarium, put two sheets too.

The third bonding marine aquarium

The glass for the aquarium ordered is already known address, only now ordered and delivery to home – according to calculations it turned out that the weight of the entire order will be about 80 kg glass Thickness – 12 mm. the money is received together with the delivery of 11 700 p.

As I wrote in a previous article, I wanted the aquarium was without ties. Therefore, such thick glass. In addition, asked him again and tempering. It may not be correct, but since according to the calculations of the strength of tempered glass is several times higher, then did so. Indeed, after pouring water the deflection of the upper edge was approximately 2 mm, 4-5 mm. is allowable If anyone has objections or, worse – warnings, then write in the comments.

In the case of the aquarium I was preparing to work 3 days – then we had to do everything just right and still nice, neat. The frame is now done reliably, steadily. The gluing procedure is similar to SAMP – one long side, the second and then the bottom. In General, the thickness of the seams turned out perfectly. Faces, sides coincided without humps and dips. Sealant here has already been Pro – transparent (it was sent as a gift to the order of the equipment). Little bubbles came in two seams (eight, if you count the 2 on the side and 4 on the bottom). This problem can be solved simply (know at once – on black Hermetica the sump is not tracked) – it is necessary to cut off the spout so that immediately was the right “sausage”, and I did a little less. Formed curls and then air bubbles. But overall, everything turned out for 4 plus.

Helped pen with suction cups for carrying glass, without them it’s difficult. But to understand and put glue on the bottom without such devices in any way.

I glued the aquarium alone, but the transfer of the aquarium on the stand along with each other, one can not cope, it is awkward to move a heavy glass box.

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