Lure predatory fish attractants

Recently on the shelves of the fishing stores, more varied products, which should come in help during catching of a predator. Not so long ago for the majority of anglers, the term “attractant” was unfamiliar. And if fishing peaceful fish attractants used by many, when fishing for predatory fish using them is a rare event.

However, I decided to do an experiment and spend three out on the water for a closer acquaintance with the attractants and study them real help in catching the most popular predator . Tested only in pike. Time catch the second half of September to early October. The place of fishing – the reservoir with an average flow, as well as fishing in backwaters with no current. The depth of the fishing sites ranged from 1 m to 3 m. Fishing was conducted from a boat without trolling. Bait decided to use a variety. For attractants used two crank popular firms the same blue and white coloring, a silicone small fish in the perch . The competitors were proven and mining Chinese vibrating lure yellow silver colour and spinners produced in Ukraine with the white petals and the head of the fish . All lures are designed for fishing in shallow water. From the attractants I have been bought: the gel is of American manufacture,squirtwoman Ukrainian and Russian production. So it doesn’t look advertising, no name manufacturers, as well as odor attractants.

My first day turned out in perfect weather for fishermen and bad for pike. The air temperature from 10 to 19 degrees. The Western wind of 2 m/s. But in those places where I decided to conduct an experiment, pike were to eat and in bad weather for her. Initially, fishing was done in open water with medium current. In one place were used for bait. Fishing was carried out only in trusted locations pike. Catch decided to start with proven lures without attractants. It is worth noting that in an hour of fishing in cages had two pike to 1 kg. It is a common thing. After understanding that “empty” from fishing does not go, decided to start an experiment. Initially used Wobbler-treated attractant Ukrainian production, which after fifteen minutes of fishing produced no result. The same negative result brought another Wobbler and using a Russian manufacturer. Silicone fish was a bite small predators, but break. Something big on the hook is not sitting, and therefore not be upset.

After a half hour of fishing in one place, moved to a place near the reeds, but on the current. Used all the lures. The result was three jacks of small size . Two of them pecked at baits, attractants processed by Ukrainian and Russian manufacturers. While the American was silent.

In the backwater without currents went after lunch. The start format is as follows: in the middle of the grass thickets, and on the sides of grass open water with the bottom passing from the depth of 1 m to approximately 3 m. Casting to open water, no bait not brought results. But, performing transitions along the borders of thickets, in shallow water bites started. Initially, the bite happened on a “chopper”. Then business was entered and wobblers. The American was not able to attract the predator. The result was eight fishing pike size from 700 to Almost 2.2 kg. to 1 kg. all four Of them fell for “spoons” and “carousel” and four lures, attractants treated the Russian and Ukrainian producer. It is worth noting that American gel did not produce catch. The result – a full draw on all articles between attractants and baits without using them. The only exception was the capture of a pike weighing 2.2 kg on a “chopper” .

Before the second fishing trip I decided to cheat a little and caused attractants on bait the night before. Lures are used the same for reasons of clarity. After applying put each Wobbler and “silicone” in separate bags, firmly tied to the lowest weathering odors. The fishing trip was carried out in cloudy and windless weather. For almost the entire morning of the day there was fog. Places for catching repeated in accuracy to a couple of meters. Without going into details, the result of swimming in familiar places became eleven pike, ranging in size from 300 to 1.5 kg. And again the biggest predator had taken the bait without the attractant. This time the attractants were able to catch 4 pieces all weighing up to 1 kg. it Should also be noted that the American gel again didn’t work. But the Ukrainian attractant was a catch better than from the Russian manufacturer. Three to one in his favor. It should be noted that the bite on lures with attractants looked more potent than conventional baits. Pike greedily grabbed the bait, what were the problems with removing the tee from the mouth of the fish.

The third time the check-out turned independent. Fishing was carried out in different weather conditions from moderate to low clouds, rain and eventually sunshine. Place all of the same as lures. The result of this trip, eight pikes ranging in size from 200 g to 4.2 kg. Three toothy pulled by the lures with attractants. The main trophy I decided to try a “chopper”. It is worth noting an important observation. This time biting on the attractors become more frequent, as a few jacks were able to run away from me, but less confident. Even those who find themselves in the landing net, took a little insecure, and tee fell almost at my first attempts to pull him from the mouth of the predator.

So, I made some conclusions after a little experiment:

Attractants are unable to get ahead in the catch the usual baits tested.

On lures with attractants attempted pike exclusively in shallow water depth up to 1.5 m.

The size of the caught predators with the use of attractants were much smaller than without using them.

Another observation is that in different weather conditions the number of bites and their quality differed. The use of attractants in my experience it is better in cloudy weather. The main conclusion of my experiment – attractants are primarily a marketing ploy than a real help in catching fish.

Of course, much depends on the type of lures and their effectiveness, but I the attractants disappointed. But my words do not mean that you cannot use them. Need to try, to experiment and, possibly, to refute my opinion.

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