Fish in the garden pond

Fish enliven the garden pond and justify their presence in it that eat mosquito larvae and other insects. However, the presence of fish in the garden pond is desirable, but not necessarily, because usually has little effect on the maintenance of the purity of water.

When choosing fish are primarily guided by the size of Your pond . If You are not strapped for cash, you might want to purchase expensive and beautiful koi . Unfortunately, these fish are harmful to the plants-oxygenators. Like other species of carp . they need a pond with a surface area of not less than 7.5 sq. m. You can not go wrong by purchasing ordinary goldfish . also suitable shubunkin and crucians . are able to live in any, even very tiny garden pond – you need only to ensure that in winter the surface water is not delayed by ice for a long time. Between koi and goldfish is Golden Orff, which is the necessary garden pond with a surface area of at least 3.5 sqm

How to start fish in garden pond

Another important consideration is whether will be visible to fish . The most suitable from this point of view fish are ordinary goldfish and more mobile gold Orff, since they always stay at the water surface. Buy fish from reliable vendors. The length of the fish should be about 10 cm, the Fish should be placed in plastic bags with water saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen. Do not run in the garden pond too many fish ; usually when you check the reservoir the fish adhere to the following rule: 0.1 sq. m of surface water shall be 2.5 cm of body length of fish . When the density of the fish is not crowded and enough oxygen for normal life. Later you can add a garden pond even a few individuals. Continue reading

Animals and birds of the White sea

Polychaete worms (polychaetes, a type of round worms) usually occur in the coastal zone. Buried in the sand, they expect the tide to lean out from his hiding place. These are pushily – the inhabitants of the sandy shallows. But there is deep-sea polychaetes, such as Nereid pelagic, living in the soft mud in the depths of the White sea.

“Pelagic” is called the organisms living in the pelagic – in the water or on its surface. Why is the bottom dweller of the Nereid called pelagic? It turns out that once a year, in summer, long Arctic day, all Nereids float to the surface to spawn. It is unclear how the worms managed to simultaneously leave their homes and that is their signal to the ascent. Spawning Nereids light for fish and marine birds – “time to eat”. Caviar Nereids eating not only animals. Fried eggs this large worm, similar in flavor to fried, is a favorite dish of the locals.


Far from shore in the water column hovering angel. This is a small krilangi clam, smoothly waving translucent pinkish wings – outgrowths on the foot. Angelfish hovers vertically in the water, amazing grace. Looking at this miracle, and not think that before us is a voracious predator, the main production of which smaller predator – krilangi clam monkfish.

Monkfish malchevskogo angel and painted, as befits the devil, in black color. His defense is a fragile shell, where he hides when in danger. But the angel of the sea shell is not a hindrance. Easily destroying its tentacles, pulls the angel in the hell mouth. In translucent the body of Angela long will be seen the traces of “black Affairs” – the remains swallowed by hell. Continue reading

The interior of the red sea

The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red sea has no equal in the Northern hemisphere.

Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs are a kind of vital center, which attracts many fish. The diversity of forms of corals, which may be round, flat, branched, and have other fantastic shapes and colors – from pale yellow and pink to brown and blue. But the color retain only living coral, after death, they lose their soft tissue and epithelial

only white calcium skeleton.

In the Red sea are widely distributed bottlenose dolphins, various species of striped Dolphin and killer whale. You might encounter under water with a green turtle. Amazing elongated echinoderms – sea cucumbers – live on the seabed, shark, they’re home to the coast of Sudan.

Moray eels are adapted to life on the reefs, can reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view. But, basically, if they are not teasing, they are not dangerous to humans.

Here you can find and fish-Napoleon earned its name because of a characteristic protrusion on the head that resembles a hat the French Emperor. These fish are especially numerous at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Otlichajutsja color angelfish and butterfly fish, clown fish and the Sultan.

Amazingly colorful and diverse underwater world of the red sea gladdens the lovers of scuba diving.

1. Medium size sea urchin with long and sharp needles are brown or gray. Continue reading

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