The behavior of predatory fishes in late autumn

Late autumn is a spinning enthusiast for a very interesting time. Unlike the beginning of autumn, when predatory fish are more or less evenly placed over the entire area of reservoirs, with the onset of frost predators mainly kept in deep areas, or adjacent to wintering holes. If not begin to move to the places of wintering fish.

Especially visible this migration in small rivers, which are practically not suitable for wintering big fish. Thus, by the beginning of freeze-up is not staying with the predator, except that the small perch.

Where to look the predator in late autumn?

The predators before the winter almost always stick to the same places. When fishing for predatory fishes should pay attention to the lower portions of tributaries or areas near their mouths. Before the start of the ice cover such areas are considered the most promising.

Predator can be found, if you look where splashing Malek. Even if the predators are not here permanently, we come here to feed. Fry if the water surface is not visible, it is possible to begin with it is necessary to catch the deep places.

On large rivers often there are areas with two or three holes, between which a deep “watering”. Up to ice a predatory fish can be held not only in the pits themselves, but also on such “watering” to a depth of 2 to 5 meters. Continue reading

The black sea reveals the secrets

Research expedition programme “Black sea 2006”, organized by the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute for archaeological Oceanography University of Rhode island USA (headed by Robert Ballard), was a planned search and investigation of underwater objects of cultural heritage of Ukraine in the Black sea on the shelf of the Crimea Peninsula from Cape Chersonese to Cape Meganom (as in the territorial waters of Ukraine and in its Maritime economic zone).

The main purpose of the expedition was to check the location 112 of the objects that are on the state account in the Institute of archaeology and coordinates are transferred to the state archival Fund of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, great Britain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. The program included not only the search of sunken objects, but also their certification.

Search and research was conducted by research vessels of Ukraine and the USA as the fleet and in the terms approved by the program. The composition of the fleet consisted of: research vessel “Endeavor” (USA), the ship “Nautilus-1” (Ukraine), the ship “Frigate” (Ukraine), diving boat “RUMB” (Ukraine), diving boat “avalon” (Ukraine).

On bartusov was search the following equipment: side-scan sonars “HBO-100” with an operating frequency of 100 kHz (Ukraine) and “Echo” (USA) double the range of frequencies 100 and 400 kHz and a maximum limit of 3000 m. the object Identification was made remote-controlled underwater vehicles with remote control “Hercules” and “Arus” (USA). Continue reading

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