Corals and fish of the red sea

There are on our planet, the sea of extraordinary beauty, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world for its clear water, beautiful corals and diverse fishes. It comes to the Red sea. This is one of the most beautiful places of our planet.

Why do they call it? No exact answer. Someone thinks that it got its name due to algae that in some months, the sea change colour from azure blue to red. And some prefer a more interesting explanation. According to the Bible, Moses led the Jews from Egypt to Israel through the Red sea. When they approached the shore – the water parted and exposing the bottom. It consisted entirely of canyons, cliffs and hollows. The path was very rugged and a lot of Jews died, bleeding to death. That’s why it was called the Red sea.

The red sea is a Gulf of the Indian ocean. It is situated in the deep depression, formed millions of years ago between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. An area of almost 500 thousand square kilometers, with more than two thirds of the sea is located in tropical zone. The average water depth from 500 m to 1 km in the middle part of the sea is crack, as if dissecting it into two parts. There is a depth of 2.5 to 3 km. makes it different from other seas of our planetat that the Red sea is not no river flows. The Suez canal in the Northern part of the sea – the work of human hands, it is rather narrow, so the natural circulation of water occurs only in the southern part of the sea through the Bab-El-Mandeb.

This natural isolation has led to the fact that in the Red sea the most clear water. Usually the rivers carry their waters in the sea sand, debris and dirty water. But in this sea water is so clear that you can easily see the incredible beauty and diversity of “underwater life” of the red sea.

The absence of influent rivers has also led to the fact that sea has the most salty water among all seas on our planet. The salt concentration here is that to drown is almost impossible. It is well suited for those who decided to learn to swim and likes to swim far away (fatigue less than in the other seas). Continue reading

Octopus — talented sea creatures

Dear readers unusual site. now I will tell you about my favorite sea creatures — the octopus. It is known to vnutritrekovye cephalopods with eight limbs, which appeared in the seas and oceans of our planet 250 million years ago. If not for aquatic mammals — whales and dolphins — peopled the depths of just over 50 million years before us, the octopus is considered the most intelligent beings of the oceans. And now they are the most intelligent creatures among invertebrates and are superior in this respect even fish, not to mention the crabs, lobsters and their brothers in the type of shellfish. Man has long known that octopuses are well trained and can easily become tame and have a wonderful memory. Of ill fame and reputation of a ruthless octopus octopoda obliged to Victor Hugo and his novel “Toilers of the sea”. In fact, they’re creatures no more dangerous than cod, docile and friendly. However, protecting the nest with a brood, the octopus bite can hurt, and its saliva contains venom, swelling which at best doesn’t come for almost a month.

Here are some awesome illustrated facts about these extremely unusual creations of God.

1. In fact the octopus has six hands and two legs. It is difficult to distinguish between them, but the octopus knows where. Two limbs (legs) they move by crawling on the seabed and other surfaces, the remaining six are used for obtaining food. If the octopus is well-fed and calm, he can easily use hands to… to fold a Rubik’s cube.

2. With no skeleton, the octopus is incredibly flexible. Therefore, these molluscs are passionate somewhere to climb or somewhere to get out. They love hollow objects, and it is successfully used by fishermen. Continue reading

The interior of the red sea

The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red sea has no equal in the Northern hemisphere.

Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs are a kind of vital center, which attracts many fish. The diversity of forms of corals, which may be round, flat, branched, and have other fantastic shapes and colors – from pale yellow and pink to brown and blue. But the color retain only living coral, after death, they lose their soft tissue and epithelial

only white calcium skeleton.

In the Red sea are widely distributed bottlenose dolphins, various species of striped Dolphin and killer whale. You might encounter under water with a green turtle. Amazing elongated echinoderms – sea cucumbers – live on the seabed, shark, they’re home to the coast of Sudan.

Moray eels are adapted to life on the reefs, can reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view. But, basically, if they are not teasing, they are not dangerous to humans.

Here you can find and fish-Napoleon earned its name because of a characteristic protrusion on the head that resembles a hat the French Emperor. These fish are especially numerous at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Otlichajutsja color angelfish and butterfly fish, clown fish and the Sultan.

Amazingly colorful and diverse underwater world of the red sea gladdens the lovers of scuba diving.

1. Medium size sea urchin with long and sharp needles are brown or gray. Continue reading

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Corals and fish of the red sea
There are on our planet, the sea of extraordinary beauty, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world for its clear water, beautiful corals and diverse fishes. It comes…

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