All about dangerous fish of the red sea

Red sea enchants with its beauty and is the “most” according to many indicators – it is the saltiest sea in the world, the most closed (it does not no river flows), is the richest in respect of underwater fauna, and of course, the closest of the tropical seas for the Russian people. But it conceals a considerable threat, and the threat this dangerous fish of the red sea.

There are creatures which can result in serious health troubles. The article will consider the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.


Sharks are the largest predatory fish of the red sea. It is home to about 30 species of sharks, of which only two are dangerous to humans – the tiger and oceanic whitetip. Anyway too afraid of sharks is not worth it – they swim far into the open sea and rarely come to the coast.


In the Red sea there are two species of stingrays and electric hvostokol. The first can affect the person an electric shock which in some cases can lead to heart failure or paralysis. The second is at the end of the tail spike with a strong poison. Injection stingrays are very painful and the wound will be a long time to heal. In General these fish are not aggressive and without any reason that person is not attacked, but after meeting with them without the help of medical not do. Continue reading

Popular marine fish for reef aquariums

In this article we give a list of the most popular fishes for marine and reef aquariums.

Fish-surgeons ( Acanthuridae ). Got its name due to the razor-sharp spikes on the end of the caudal fin. These spines are used for protection of the territory and protection. Surgeons prefer vegetarian food, so their diet needs to add seaweed. The life cycle is 2-3 years.

The Triggerfish ( Balistidae ). So named because of its unusual ability to cling to its dorsal fin behind cover so that to get them is not possible. Triggerfish have sharp, protruding teeth. Feed on marine invertebrates. The life cycle is about 4 years old.

Kusovky, or fish balls ( Ostraciidae ). Fish is not for beginners. It got its name for the appearance, resembles a box. It should be noted that in case of danger, or stress kusovky secrete toxins. The life cycle is 2 to 4 years.

Angelfish ( Pomacanthidae ). Highly sought after by aquarists. An incredibly beautiful fish, however, it is very difficult to contain. Angels are very sensitive to any changes in water parameters and extremely picky in food. Also, if they normally get along with other species that do not tolerate the presence of other individuals of their kind. Feed marine algae, fresh greens and frozen foods. Live about 20 years.

Butterfly fish or pantodon ( Pantodontidae ). Butterflies live well with each other and with other fish. However, they could not be maintained in the aquarium, anemones, corals and other marine invertebrates, as it is their natural food source. These fish need shelter for the night. Feed them as angels. Live about 4 years.

Lionfish ( Scorpaenidae ), with graceful fins, bright color – an amazing combination of charm and danger. It is a predatory carnivorous fish, eating live food. Long dorsal fins contain venom. Live up to 10 years. Continue reading

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