Marine Aquarium

The influence of aquarium health

In the conditions of modern life, when most of us are always in a hurry and bustle in our everyday lives, we often experience stress. However, there is a simple but effective tool that can help you relax and relieve nervous tension – a saltwater aquarium. in which without any fuss develops a unique life. Doctors say that watching this is a bit of wildlife: smooth motion of seaweed and beautiful fish has a relaxing effect on the human psyche, removing fatigue and giving peace.

“ Environmental” marketing in restaurants and offices

If the restaurant or in the office of the head office there is a beautiful large aquarium, you can be sure that there will be created the atmosphere of comfort and coziness that promote a positive image of the institution. The aquarium will attract the attention of people who came in the restaurant or on reception to the head office, improving their mood. Unique underwater world will also maintain a good ecological environment in the room.

The design philosophy of aquariums

In accordance with today’s popular doctrine of “Feng Shui” flowing water is the center of life it brings into our lives harmony. The living water represents spiritual liferights, and its material prosperity. That’s why bright marine aquarium is well placed to achieve positive energy in the house, atmosphere of coziness and harmony. Invisible waves emanating from it seemed to wash away the negative and fatigue. The aquarium design can transform not only the interior, but also mood, and health! Continue reading

Beautiful and popular fish
Brocade pterygoplichthys (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) is a beautiful and popular fish, also known as brocade com. It was first described in 1854 as Ancistrus gibbiceps by Knerem and as Liposarcus altipinnis…

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Safety on the beach
Jellyfish are attacking the Mediterranean. Biologists-marine painters, studying the waters, is known among the most numerous and diverse populations of marine fauna, are sounding the alarm. If these invertebrates will…

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Long-tailed denizens of the deep (Grenadier)
Despite the fact that seas and oceans have long attracted the attention of the person as a means of communication and a source of food, until the nineteenth century, even…

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