Marine aquarium – bonding, Assembly

The first work – bonding of sump

The Assembly of the aquarium I started with SAMP. Wanted to kill not just two but several birds with one stone. First, saving money, as the volume of cans was not small, and making the most of your own hands, you can save additional money on high quality equipment and aquatic organisms. Secondly, I wanted to check if I am able to do everything myself. Thirdly, and if I can, then: how will be glued is large and heavy aquarium. This should be checked. So took the glass thickness 8 mm – for the sake of experiment.

Looking glass led to the website of Crystal that cut glass on the laser machine and cut the edge. But the most interesting is the price, it was similar to an ordinary glass cutter. In General, called the office, learned what they need to know for the order, I printed your schematic and on the way to work drove to their office. Custom designed for 40 minutes we discussed all the details thoroughly, talked on related topics. Issue price turned out 2 300 – 2 400 RUB (or rather not remember). After 4 days I called and was told that you can take the glass. Stunned! Everything was Packed in thick cardboard, and if packable 2-3 leaves, all padded with additional cardboard. Sizes are met perfectly…

Buy aquarium sealant and masking tape took place without problems in the near Chkalovsk. And then began the most interesting – we had all the mess and neatly glued together. Wanted the clearances were exactly 1 mm. this value was calculated from all the walls and internal partitions. Two nights was meditating on improvised material – it was necessary to collect a frame (frame), which would allow appending to withstand the required geometry. Continue reading

Lure predatory fish attractants

Recently on the shelves of the fishing stores, more varied products, which should come in help during catching of a predator. Not so long ago for the majority of anglers, the term “attractant” was unfamiliar. And if fishing peaceful fish attractants used by many, when fishing for predatory fish using them is a rare event.

However, I decided to do an experiment and spend three out on the water for a closer acquaintance with the attractants and study them real help in catching the most popular predator . Tested only in pike. Time catch the second half of September to early October. The place of fishing – the reservoir with an average flow, as well as fishing in backwaters with no current. The depth of the fishing sites ranged from 1 m to 3 m. Fishing was conducted from a boat without trolling. Bait decided to use a variety. For attractants used two crank popular firms the same blue and white coloring, a silicone small fish in the perch . The competitors were proven and mining Chinese vibrating lure yellow silver colour and spinners produced in Ukraine with the white petals and the head of the fish . All lures are designed for fishing in shallow water. From the attractants I have been bought: the gel is of American manufacture,squirtwoman Ukrainian and Russian production. So it doesn’t look advertising, no name manufacturers, as well as odor attractants.

My first day turned out in perfect weather for fishermen and bad for pike. The air temperature from 10 to 19 degrees. The Western wind of 2 m/s. But in those places where I decided to conduct an experiment, pike were to eat and in bad weather for her. Initially, fishing was done in open water with medium current. In one place were used for bait. Fishing was carried out only in trusted locations pike. Catch decided to start with proven lures without attractants. Continue reading

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