The device of the ponds for maintenance and cultivation

For the keeping, breeding and rearing fish use of different ponds: lined, dug, used peat quarries and instream ponds, cages and basins, small reservoirs and lakes.

The operation and construction of pond intended for fish production, requires compliance with certain rules, which correspond to fish and hydraulic requirements. First, you should determine the orientation of use of the reservoir, i.e. it is designed for the cultivation of food fish or for use in the design of the site. This will depend on its size, the device of the reservoir, depth, shape, mode of operation.

A pond for the cultivation of food fish is very different from the devices of decoration. To this reservoir are a bit different requirements. It does not make sense to do complex bottom topography, indented coastline, depths off the coast, laying on a bed of special soil, decorative elements. The main attention should be paid to the layout of the bed of the pond, the supply of the reset options and a good water supply. Fish farming will benefit, assuming the decision of questions of operation of the reservoir and construction. If the device pool determines much the size of the land plot, which is released under the dispensing reservoir. On the one hand, this ustroistvom or group of water bodies on a farm with a large land area, with another pond in the garden. We must remember that the pond in the garden mostly satisfied mostly your own needs, while the farmer needs to determine how important will be the farming in agricultural production. Following from this, determine its place in economic activity. Perhaps it will be agriculture, where the cultivation of fish will be your main activity or fish farming will become an integral part of the farm with the use of the reservoir complex. The latter area has received wide distribution as well as cultivation of fish goes well with other branches of agricultural production. Hence in the construction of the pond should not exclude the possibility of comprehensive use, for example for watering livestock, watering the garden, fire fighting purposes, breeding waterfowl. Continue reading

Beautiful and popular fish

Brocade pterygoplichthys (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) is a beautiful and popular fish, also known as brocade com. It was first described in 1854 as Ancistrus gibbiceps by Knerem and as Liposarcus altipinnis Gunther. Now he is known under the name of (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps). Pterygoid very sturdy fish that eats algae in large quantities. A pair of adults can be kept clean even very large aquariums.

Brocade catfish, may contain different fish, because the nature of his peace. Can be aggressive and territorial towards other pericam if they didn’t grow up together. Pterygoplichthys need a large aquarium of at least 400 litres for an adult pair. In the aquarium to put driftwood, in order that they could scrape off with them fouling, the main food source for brocade catfish. Also they digest the pulp, scraping it from snags, and they are necessary for normal digestion. Brocade catfish — fish night, so if you nourish him, it is better to do at night, just before turning the light off.

Please note that although they eat mostly vegetarian food, nature, catfish are also carrion birds. In the aquarium, they can consume at night jesuus the sides of discus and angelfish, so do not keep them flat and slow fish. Also, brocade pterygoplichthys can reach very large sizes (35-45cm), when you buy them, they are fairly small, but growing albeit slowly, but may soon become too big for the aquarium.

Now under the name of brocade pterygoplichthys worldwide is sold to 100 different types of som, mainly different in color, a complete classication yet. To distinguish brocade soma easy of the dorsal fin. He has 10 or more rays, when others have 8 or less.


Com pterygoplichthys aquarium — big fish lived. It can grow in nature, up to 50 cm in length and live over 20 years in aquariums pterygoplichthys the lives of 10 to 15 years. An elongated catfish with a dark body and a large head. The body is covered with bony plates, except the abdomen, which is smooth. Small eyes set high on head. Their characteristic feature is a high and beautiful dorsal fin, which can be long up to 15 cm, this catfish resembles the marine sailfish. Juveniles of pericom has the same coloration as the adults. Continue reading

Aquarium, aquarium fish and aquatic plants

Aquarium (lat. aqua – water) – a container made of glass, which is a different shape, but often rectangular, containing an aquarium fish . plants and other aquatic animals in artificial conditions.

At home, in kindergartens, schools, children’s centers, research institutions and even in shopping malls is very common to see the aquarium .

The life of nature is extremely amazing, complex, unpredictable and diverse in all its manifestations. The love and interest to nature force us to play “piece of nature” in a small glass jar – aquarium, which brings great aesthetic pleasure. In all seasons, whether winter or summer, spring or autumn, we can watch the underwater world that lives its own special life. We see an unusual combination of colors and shapes of animals, their behavior is different, an amazing adaptation to different conditions of life.

So beautiful these creatures – aquarium fish . Slowly floating like a half-moon angelfish, quickly sweep the striped danoski, are still under the water surface such aquarium fish . as sapere and lineatus. Through the glass you can see how they arrange their nest cichlasoma, and on the surface of the water bubbles out of the labyrinth vozdeistvovat dwelling aquarium fish . You can also see how kopein popping up out of the water and lay eggs on leaves or on the glass of the aquarium, incubated the eggs in her mouth pelmatochromis Gunther.

In schools, lessons on biology and Zoology, the teacher can use the aquarium as a visual material, in this case to observe the animals in conditions close to natural; in scientific research institutions to perform experiments and experiments in areas such Sciences as embryology, physiology, ichthyology and Hydrobiology. The huge role played by aquariums in the economic value. Aquarium needs and for most of the preliminary work associated with acclimatization, and research on diseases of game fish. Continue reading

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Animals and birds of the White sea
Polychaete worms (polychaetes, a type of round worms) usually occur in the coastal zone. Buried in the sand, they expect the tide to lean out from his hiding place. These…

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