The interior of the red sea

The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red sea has no equal in the Northern hemisphere.

Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs are a kind of vital center, which attracts many fish. The diversity of forms of corals, which may be round, flat, branched, and have other fantastic shapes and colors – from pale yellow and pink to brown and blue. But the color retain only living coral, after death, they lose their soft tissue and epithelial

only white calcium skeleton.

In the Red sea are widely distributed bottlenose dolphins, various species of striped Dolphin and killer whale. You might encounter under water with a green turtle. Amazing elongated echinoderms – sea cucumbers – live on the seabed, shark, they’re home to the coast of Sudan.

Moray eels are adapted to life on the reefs, can reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view. But, basically, if they are not teasing, they are not dangerous to humans.

Here you can find and fish-Napoleon earned its name because of a characteristic protrusion on the head that resembles a hat the French Emperor. These fish are especially numerous at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Otlichajutsja color angelfish and butterfly fish, clown fish and the Sultan.

Amazingly colorful and diverse underwater world of the red sea gladdens the lovers of scuba diving.

1. Medium size sea urchin with long and sharp needles are brown or gray. Continue reading

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