What kind of water suitable for the aquarium?

In aquarium practice is usually to use tap or well water, which in its properties is very diverse. Water is oxide of hydrogen (H2O) and consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. In the water many dissolved substances (oxygen 21%, nitrogen 76%, carbon dioxide of 0.3%). Water in contact with soil, plants, fish, the products of decay and alkaline earth elements, acquires new qualities. The water in the aquarium must be free of any impurity metals must not contain large amounts of salts of magnesium, calcium and any other components that are harmful to aquarium inhabitants.

In rural areas often use wells, river and lake water. Before pouring water in an aquarium must be heated to a temperature of 70 C, thereby partially release water from undesirable microorganisms.

Water, potable, and suitable for the aquarium, of course, if it’s not mineral water. At home to fill in the most suitable aquarium tap water, which in most geographical areas of our country is of medium stiffness with seasonal fluctuations within 8 – 12 ‘. Excessive chlorine in it, you can delete, defending water in non-metallic container for 1 – 2 days (complete disappearance of released bubbles), active aeration (10 -12 hours),filtration through activated carbon, adding to it the hyposulphite (thiosulphate) sodium (1 g/10 l) or by boiling for 10 minutes. The last method, the water loses oxygen and must be aerated.

The use of pond water is not recommended, and the water is rain and snow the city is not suitable for the aquarium, as it contains large amounts of harmful solid, liquid and gaseous state. In rural areas, the use of such water is possible, but it needs to be filtered from dust and other substances. Continue reading

An artificial pond at the cottage

It’s nice in the summer heat, having left the cottage, to sit by the water. And even better in their personal pond to catch the fish, right there on the grill to fry her and entertain your friends. Who does not dream about that? A small pond can be not only useful but also beautiful decoration of the suburban area. The water surface takes the role of a mirror reflecting the sky, growing around trees and shrubs. The sparkling water is fascinating and soothing, and floating fish in the pond add dynamics. An artificial reservoir it is possible to arrange on a suburban garden plot.

First you need to decide for what purpose you will create a pond. If it is just decorative enough depth 60 to 70 cm, and the shape and size can be very different, depending on the capabilities and desires. If in a pond to live fish, size of pond you need to choose depending on the types of fish that will be grown. For example, for cultivation of ornamental koi the pond can be small, about 15 m2 and depth of 1.2 meters. Undemanding goldfish can live even in a tiny pond. But the ornamental fish you in the winter time you will need to move the aquariums, which do not freeze, are the winter garden or in the house. If you decide to breed fish for the pond. such as common carp, silver carp, Zander, catfish, bream, the water volume in the reservoir must be large with respect to the quantity of fish, and hence the partition of the pond not less than 15 square meters.

The pond should be placed in a location where it will be convenient to spend time, and planted coastal plants, plants for the pond and all living organisms of the pond felt good.

The choice of location for the reservoir

Do not place the pond in the lowland area, especially if it flooded. In the rainy season all the water will flow down, and if around or nearby flowerbeds, lawn or garden that you fertilize in the pond will be the entire set of the periodic table. Continue reading

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An artificial pond at the cottage
It's nice in the summer heat, having left the cottage, to sit by the water. And even better in their personal pond to catch the fish, right there on the…

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