Aquarium fish

This article is devoted to this great subject – how to maintain aquarium and fish . because there are so many varieties of aquarium fishes, each of which require special care. Certainly each of us wants to have a home at least a small piece of the tropics or even a corner. Actually to organize it’s not hard, but in the absence of experience can be a lot of questions, most of which we’ll cover in the article. If you properly care for a home aquarium, it will please your eyes, it will be hard to look away.

The bright green of aquatic plants. on which colored spots sitting or crawling small snails, pleases the eye with its freshness and variety. Long strips of the leaves of eelgrass are drawn to the surface of the water and lies on it, somewhere lurking small white flowers. On the leaves of plants slowly move the red snail, busily clearing them from the weeds with his tongue-grater. Moving flat, like a leaf resembling a butterfly, triangular scalars. Slender dragon surprise unusual, resembling a sword, the bone of the tail. Sweep a flock of variously coloured, with extremely large tails, the male guppies.

Few people can resist this magnificent sight. This is why many Amateur aquarists who devote their free time to rest in the troubles with your aquarium. The love of uhouse aquarium can be instilled in childhood, this hobby in the future may turn into a vocation for life in the natural Sciences. The main thing to start is to buy an aquarium. But, as it turned out, one tank is not enough, because I want to have and fish to acquire at least another kind of fish, as it turns out, in an aquarium they all do not fit or are incompatible. Continue reading

Pond fish farming, fisheries

Pond fish farming is a type of economic activity. which uses high-yielding species for cultivation in specially equipped natural and artificial water bodies for the purpose of receiving all kinds of fish products.

Pond aquaculture also includes the complex of measures on construction of fish ponds, swimming pools and other bodies of water: the digging of ditches, dams and levees, water supply and water discharge facilities, rybolovleva, etc.

This includes scientifically developed techniques for breeding, artificial reproduction, feeding and the optimum conditions of the fish to ensure a productive outcome.

The content of fish in pond fisheries.

In the same pond can be kept as a single species of fish, and several species simultaneously. Remember to take into account the characteristics of each species and their mutual compatibility. Some species of fish require cold flowing water saturated with oxygen, another — warm standing water with lots of organics and small amount of oxygen. Some species of fish to mohalalitoe only in freshwater, some in saltwater, and there are those that can live in that.

To a cold-water fish include trout. burbot, pike, salmon, Arctic Cisco, grayling and others.

The technology of fish culture and fisheries include not only the maintenance of a temperature mode. This includes providing fish with oxygen, water disinfection, filtration of harmful components and toxins, prevention of the disease. the fertilizer ponds. the destruction of noxious vegetation and various wastes, maintaining appropriate pH and other measures. Continue reading

The device of the ponds for maintenance and cultivation
For the keeping, breeding and rearing fish use of different ponds: lined, dug, used peat quarries and instream ponds, cages and basins, small reservoirs and lakes. The operation and construction…

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Marine Aquarium
The influence of aquarium health In the conditions of modern life, when most of us are always in a hurry and bustle in our everyday lives, we often experience stress.…

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The interior of the red sea
The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red sea has no equal in the Northern hemisphere. Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs are a…

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