Aquarium for beginners

To create the illusion of the underwater world at home, you can buy an aquarium and place it in the style of “pseudo -“. About how to make the beginner without unnecessary worries and costs with their hands, which fish and what decorations to use for your design, tell Prostozoo.

Before you begin to design the aquarium you have to decide exactly where he will stand, what is the interior design of its surroundings. After all, if you place a large aquarium with a bright blue backlight and colorful fish in the office, is decorated in gray and black tones with strict ascetic interior, it will look there, at least, ridiculous.

The main colors of this style – a combination of blue, white, gray, red, sometimes yellow, so the most appropriate for it will be accordingly decorated living room, children room, dining room, office, library and bathroom. If the interior is designed in brown and green tones, in this case fit the “tropical” aquarium.

Absolutely not matter what you are going to use the aquarium of pseudo – will look great in a traditional rectangular aquarium and exotic ball, and panoramic. Special spectral lamp will accentuate motley rascvetki. The combination of blue and warm spectrum, with the addition of ultraviolet (take, for example, the lamp “Repti-Glo 5”) will create a unique effect of sea depth. Furthermore, UV light, directed from above, will make the shadows sharper and at the same time slightly blurred, I will emphasize the contours of fish and corals, as it happens, when natural light reaches the seabed.

Once you have decided on the venue and prepared all necessary, can safely proceed directly to checkout.

Aquarium decoration in the style of “pseudo -”

Experienced aquarists recommend that before you start to make out, view a few photos or videos with images of the seabed for inspiration. Continue reading

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