What kind of water suitable for the aquarium?

In aquarium practice is usually to use tap or well water, which in its properties is very diverse. Water is oxide of hydrogen (H2O) and consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. In the water many dissolved substances (oxygen 21%, nitrogen 76%, carbon dioxide of 0.3%). Water in contact with soil, plants, fish, the products of decay and alkaline earth elements, acquires new qualities. The water in the aquarium must be free of any impurity metals must not contain large amounts of salts of magnesium, calcium and any other components that are harmful to aquarium inhabitants.

In rural areas often use wells, river and lake water. Before pouring water in an aquarium must be heated to a temperature of 70 C, thereby partially release water from undesirable microorganisms.

Water, potable, and suitable for the aquarium, of course, if it’s not mineral water. At home to fill in the most suitable aquarium tap water, which in most geographical areas of our country is of medium stiffness with seasonal fluctuations within 8 – 12 ‘. Excessive chlorine in it, you can delete, defending water in non-metallic container for 1 – 2 days (complete disappearance of released bubbles), active aeration (10 -12 hours),filtration through activated carbon, adding to it the hyposulphite (thiosulphate) sodium (1 g/10 l) or by boiling for 10 minutes. The last method, the water loses oxygen and must be aerated.

The use of pond water is not recommended, and the water is rain and snow the city is not suitable for the aquarium, as it contains large amounts of harmful solid, liquid and gaseous state. In rural areas, the use of such water is possible, but it needs to be filtered from dust and other substances. Continue reading

Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea

Among the inhabitants of the Black sea are found animals, contact with which to humans can be dangerous. These include some fish (sea dragon, sea cat, sea Fox, sea fish) and jellyfish (Aurelia, kornerot).

The most dangerous fish of the Black sea is a sea dragon . this is a small sized fish, has on the back two fins, one of which (smaller) is located closer to the head and contains a poisonous spikes, and the second (large) has a non-poisonous spikes.

Meeting the man with the dragon can occur while swimming in the sea, fishing (when the fish barehanded off the hook or pick from the nets), underwater hunting.

A shot of sea pet dragon causes the victim severe pain . which increases, reaching maximum severity in 30-40 min At the injection site can appear swelling, edema, and even may be necrosis (necrosis of skin). Deteriorating General condition of the victim: there is a weakness, lethargy, headache, pain in the heart region, sweating, increased body temperature to 38-39 °C. In severe cases of poisoning, the possible gross violations functions of the nervous system, the heart and respiration, collapse, shock and even death.

Emergency care. The injection site is widely grab with two fingers, squeeze a drop of zidkostei wounds, and then for 15-20 minutes sucks out the poison . constantly spitting saliva. Then the injection site was washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or boiled water, lubricated with alcoholic solution of iodine or Zelenka (in the absence of them, you can use the alcohol or Cologne). Take measures for urgent hospitalization of the victim to the nearest hospital, in case of severe poisoning in the intensive care unit. Continue reading

The black sea reveals the secrets

Research expedition programme “Black sea 2006”, organized by the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute for archaeological Oceanography University of Rhode island USA (headed by Robert Ballard), was a planned search and investigation of underwater objects of cultural heritage of Ukraine in the Black sea on the shelf of the Crimea Peninsula from Cape Chersonese to Cape Meganom (as in the territorial waters of Ukraine and in its Maritime economic zone).

The main purpose of the expedition was to check the location 112 of the objects that are on the state account in the Institute of archaeology and coordinates are transferred to the state archival Fund of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, great Britain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. The program included not only the search of sunken objects, but also their certification.

Search and research was conducted by research vessels of Ukraine and the USA as the fleet and in the terms approved by the program. The composition of the fleet consisted of: research vessel “Endeavor” (USA), the ship “Nautilus-1” (Ukraine), the ship “Frigate” (Ukraine), diving boat “RUMB” (Ukraine), diving boat “avalon” (Ukraine).

On bartusov was search the following equipment: side-scan sonars “HBO-100” with an operating frequency of 100 kHz (Ukraine) and “Echo” (USA) double the range of frequencies 100 and 400 kHz and a maximum limit of 3000 m. the object Identification was made remote-controlled underwater vehicles with remote control “Hercules” and “Arus” (USA). Continue reading

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