Serpentine sea needle — one of the most common representatives of the family needle. Uncanny ability to blend in with the environment makes it almost invisible in the water.


Serpentine sea needle lives in shallow coastal waters, holding, usually at a depth of from 2 to 15 meters and Found that fish in the Atlantic ocean from the southern coast of Norway to the northwestern coast of Africa and the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic seas. Quite often it can be found in the brackish waters of river estuaries.


To maintain the vertical position of the sea needle help gases accumulated in its swimming bladder.

Serpentine sea needle is able to suck in the mouth the prey from a distance of 3-4 cm.

The most rich in species needle fish tropical sea. Many species have camouflage coloring, but some wear very bright outfits.

Having tight, inflexible body and only one dorsal fin, serpentine sea needle floats is very bad. Long swims fish are not capable of, and stay in the open sea is simply disastrous.

The pipefish eggs are only 1 mm in diameter.

Males of all needle fish are carrying eggs in brood pouches formed by the lateral folds of the skin. Stretching along the abdomen of the fish globalperspective caviar inflow of fresh water. In some species skin folds are rolled inward, hiding the eggs, or form a pocket that isolates the seed from the external environment. The embryos receive oxygen through the inner wall of a marsupial pouch, densely penetrated by blood vessels.

The sea needle is easier to see when it appears jj£ on a sandy bottom, leaving shelter among the algae. Continue reading

Melkogalechnyj catfish

The area

Distribution: various water bodies, often with standing water and brackish water, often in streams of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Burma as well as around Indochina.


Body length up to 35 cm in the aquarium, up to 70 cm in natural waters.

It got its name for the original breathing apparatus, reminiscent of a light, by which the fish can tolerate adverse gaseous regime of the reservoir. This unit is two bags, stretching on both sides of the back along the entire body, the walls soaked with lots of blood vessels.

Body structure and coloring . elongated, laterally compressed body; when swimming the fish is a snake-like meanders. Coloration modest gray-brown. Anal fin long, the others small and rounded. Head with small eyes, mouth 4 pairs of whiskers. The whole body and fins dark brown. Dorsal and pectoral spines armed with strong, injection which is very painful.

In some American books say that the shot messageremove soma lethal at all, but actually a lethal outcome is possible only in people who are prone to allergies. Action messageremove catfish venom and bee venom are similar, feeling about the same, and when necessary, the treatment prescribed is similar. Continue reading

The variety of fish.

Benthic and demersal fish, mainly marine. Sedentary predators with a large head. Characterized by the ability to produce sounds, including very loud. 1 family, 22 of the genus, 78 species.

Fish-toad ( Opsanus tau ), inhabiting the Atlantic coast of North America, remarkable ability to produce sounds, the volume of which exceeds 100 decibels (the volume that causes the soreness).

The Detachment Of Wildcookie — Lophiiformes

A group of marine, mostly deep-sea fish with a remarkable appearance. The first ray of the first dorsal fin (if any) is on the head and is transformed into a special body — Illizi (“rod”) that is used to lure food into his mouth. Gill opening small, pipe-like. 18 families, 66 genera, 313 species.

Sea clowns (SEM. Antennariidae) — a typical fish of coral reefs. They are remarkably camouflaged due to its unusual appearance.

For many deep-sea angler fish typical of dwarf parasitic males. Meeting of the partners at great depth is unlikely. In these species the male tends to find a female and latch on to her mouth. After some time the male prirastaet to the DOE, most of its organs degenerate but the testes of remanent can fertilize eggs of the female. The epididymis, located posterior to the corner of the mouth of a female angler in the photo below — attached dwarf male.

European monkfish ( Lophius piscatorius ) is a species of angler fish found in the Black sea. The next two photos shows this quite large (up to 2 m.) fish, one third length of which is head. Above the upper edge of the mouth is small ilici (not visible). Continue reading

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Serpentine sea needle — one of the most common representatives of the family needle. Uncanny ability to blend in with the environment makes it almost invisible in the water. HABITAT…

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