Puzzles of the Black sea

What is the ecological status of the Black sea, whether Unliquidated consequences of ecological catastrophe in the Black sea?

Ecological disaster in Black sea are related mainly to three causes. The first is the flow of the rivers. Let’s not forget that a fairly large European rivers flow into this sea. First of all, the Danube is 200 cubic kilometers per year. Don via the sea of Azov, actually also falls. But the main thing – the Dnieper, the Dniester river, the Rioni, the number of rivers of Turkey. So actually the flow is large, all that Europe produces, or grows in their fields the fertilizer is washed into the Black sea. Therefore, the so-called nutrient runoff, the nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers leads to the fact that the Black sea began to bloom, like a normal pond. By the way, happens in the Baltic sea, which is likewise closed off from the main part of the ocean. Sea blossoms due to the fact that an additional amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the surface layer, planktonic organisms, it is used, remains die, sink to the bottom, in shallow water at depths of 10-40 meters, and begins the rotting process additional amounts of these residues, leading to the so-called kill the phenomena, which occur in the pond during winter consumed all the oxygen. Not even in the layer 150-200 m and at depths of 10-20-30 meters,in the North-Western region adjacent to Odessa and to the mouth of the Dnieper, there’s the kill phenomena are very common. And the North-Western part of what is important – there is a very wide shelves. There is a formation of juvenile fish, nageli, and so on. Therefore, this zone is key. Continue reading

What predatory fish, but sharks are dangerous to swimmers?

After most dangerous sharks, apparently, Barracuda or sea pike, from SEM. spiranovic. She’s aggressive, rapid, klinovidnye armed with long teeth, sharp as a knife. Barracudas are often the real culprits of accidents attributed to sharks.

The representatives of the OTP. preobrazaj – Moray eels can bite brutal punish the diver, who had violated their peace in the crevices of coral reefs.

Barracuda (ocean pike) occur in subtropical and tropical

seas. It is a large fish about two metres long with an elongated body green

novatago color. Huge mouth lined large knife-like teeth. Bar-

rakodi go in flocks and are more dangerous than sharks, because attack without any visible

my reasons for that. The attack is fierce and swift — they swim at a speed of

30 knots (60 km/h)!

Morays usually hide in rock crevices, under rocks, in thickets Ko

tapered on the sides and covered with mucus. To grab the Moray arms is impossible

she instantly slips out. And her skin is so strong that breaks

a knife with great difficulty. Narrow powerful jaws equipped with large Moray eels

knife-like teeth. In open water spaces morays are not presented Continue reading

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