How to grow coral reef in a saltwater aquarium

The aquarium except marine fish are also produced and corals called reef marine aquarium. Fast-growing corals – usually of the genus Montipora, Acropora, Pocillopora and grow in the aquarium polyp for polyp until until grows a micro-reef.

Light for corals

The word “micro-reef” very often means just a small marine reef aquarium. Coral planting in artificial conditions requires intense lighting, which is rather expensive. Therefore, the smaller the size of aquarium, the less need for coverage, the cheaper it costs.

The need for intensive lighting because the light having the wavelength required for photosynthesis, passing through the water, fades with increasing depth. For illumination with a sufficient intensity of a small light bulb aquarium requires lower power than for lighting large. Besides that they consume less electricity they are also cheaper. Another their advantage is that they are less likely to heat the water. When the aquarium light should know that excessive light is as harmful to corals as weak.

Sea current in the aquarium

A saltwater aquarium requires water circulation. Motion credif places natural growth of coral reefs is very strong. Currents, tides provide a powerful turbulent motion of sea water, which cleanses the mucus from corals, sediments and rock fragments. At the same time it provides the coral with nutrients and oxygen. Therefore, the circulation of water in marine aquariums is essential. Unfortunately, you know it’s not all aquarists.

Transform a flat laminar (uni-directional, linearly directed) flows in turbulent water healthy in a small aquarium is not difficult. Laminar flows are created using a special power heads. If you place last in the right places opposite each other, you can force the water to circulate throughout the tank. The advantages of such a circulation is that all particles will be in suspension and will not be able to settle on the surface of the coral. Besides, polyps, and the walls of the aquarium will not be covered by algae. As a result, the coral will be healthy.

Thus it is necessary to take into account that if a reef marine aquarium inhabited and fish, the power head, creating water flows that can suck, especially individuals with long fins. To prevent this, you need to buy a head that has a special nozzle that prevents ingestion of fish. By installing a circulation system, it is necessary to take into account the demands of some coral species to the character of water movement. Plerogyra bubble, for example, prefers near-bottom circulation.

A large aquarium creates certain difficulties for your circulation. Usually it results in a few dead zones with insufficient water movement. To avoid such zones, it is necessary to use more sophisticated equipment and have a greater number of power heads that are located relative to each other under the most improbable angles.

All that is needed for micro-reef

What would it take to equip a marine aquarium for corals? First of all, the aquarium is 100 liters of water. Then the canopy and stand for it. For lighting you will need two light bulbs with a capacity of 96 watts. Inside the aquarium must be placed 20 kg of “live rock” – dead corals from tropical seas (Tonga or Fiji, for example). At the bottom of the aquarium is poured agonito 30-40 kg of sand. Then arranged the filtration system. Another advantage of a small aquarium – it does not need a lot of filters.

Clean water – healthy coral

Usually, the filtration system should have a drain trap – especially when it comes to large marine aquarium. Small can do protein filters. The protein – highlight the fish and not eaten the food – litter the water, contributing to the formation of nitrates, which in large quantities is fatal to corals and harmful to fish. And to put a filter does not solve the problem of proteins. You need to regularly change the sump, otherwise he will turn into a breeding ground for nitrates.

In General, the cultivation of corals in polluted water is impossible. Unlike fish, the corals are very sensitive to water purity, which is better to change the parts. When the content of nitrates in the aquarium dangerous values (higher than 0.01%) must be replaced 50% water change daily and then to 25% to until the nitrate content reaches 0,001%. From the nitrite and ammonia is better to get rid altogether. Water should not have chlorine, the salt content should be the same as in sea water. The temperature of added water should be equal to the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

Diet corals

You need to care about feeding coral. This may seem strange, but the corals need nutrition. As the last good special food and shrimp. When feeding you need 45 minutes to turn off the filters, otherwise they will absorb all the food. The power head should remain on pieces of food could circulate the water, reaching the entire surface of corals. You should not add food, it will cause high levels of nitrates.

Successful coral planting requires certain knowledge. A good way to obtain complete information on caring for corals is to contact the stores that sell them. Specialists working there will tell you how to act in a difficult situation, to cope with which you will be able to independently.

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