Food for pond fish

Only fish make a pond come alive. Therefore, the garden pond with bass, carp, trout, goldfish, three-spined stickleback, ofrou, upperka, and of course, with the kings of ponds Koi – the undoubted decoration of Your garden, the pride of the owner and a place of relaxation for the whole family.

But, any aesthetic pleasure to please You, in return, requires care and attention, which certainly expresses, together with well-built filtration system. and properly adjusted, regular meals. Remember every type of fish requires special care and feeding! Power requirements of fish also depend on their age. And when choosing food, it would be useful to take into account the natural preferences of the fish.

In an artificial pond, the diet of the inhabitants of the reservoir is much poorer, which can lead to exhaustion, illness and death of Your wards. For this reason, the fish need no extra feeding.

There are currently a large number of feeds, recipes are created in accordance with nature. Only when such feeding is provided by the growth, health, vitality and magnificence of color of the fish. Also the quality of feed plays an important role in how much water will be contaminated by the excrement of fish. Low quality food poorly digested by fish and digest them only partially. This leads to the lack of nutrients in the body of fish and highly contaminated waste water of their life.

Selection of feed for pond fish on the market is truly immense, not to be lost, and really benefit Your fish, we offer the chefs from manufacturers that have a well-deserved reputation in this area. This pond fish feed Tetra(Tetra) . pond food JBL(Jibel) . food for pond fish Sera(Sera) . universal food for most species of ornamental fish from Tropical(tropical) . Modern food for pond fish is a varied healthy diet with all necessary nutrients and ballast substances, vitamins and microelements. Special food for pond fish contains specially selected natural color enhancers – carotenoids . which allow you to increase the intensity of the red, orange and yellow colors of ornamental fish. All of the properties of nutrients are preserved through careful manufacturing process of feed. This is evidenced by their fragrant smell, and Your fish crazy!

In accordance with the natural conditions to better feed the fish several times a day (at least three) in small portions. Always use as much food as fish can eat within 1 to 2 minutes! When the warm weather of the inhabitants of the pond requires more food than in cold. And when the water temperature below 10 0C recommended feeding only light food that is easily digestible due to the high content of wheat grain or special feed designed for feeding in winter.

The range of the leading manufacturers of feed for pond fish widely represented group of aft. Feed it sticks . which contain a complete set of valuable nutrients and are especially suitable for fish of medium and large sizes of the upper water layer. They float on the water surface, where it can easily be eaten, which simplifies monitoring. Forage cereals . which are especially good for fry and fish with a small mouth, are a mixture of different types of cereal. They feature a variety of indicators of buoyancy and sedimentation, which allows their use for different fish species. And in addition to feed mixtures of flakes and sticks contain sun-dried small freshwater crustaceans. Crustaceans are a natural treat for fish. Mixtures are ideal for ponds with so-called mixed composition of fish of different types and sizes that live in different water layers.

Another kind of feed – feed discs and pellets . This generation feeds, created by new technology. In feed this series has managed to increase the vitamin content and add more fats is vital. They contain three times more nutrients than conventional food. High quality L-carnitine promotes optimal absorption of nutrients and natural color enhancers support the color gamut of the color of the fish. Granular feed for all species of pond fish, as well as special feed, for example, quickly sinking pellets for feeding many of your favorite sturgeons and starlet, allow to organize efficient and complete nutrition for various species of fish living at different Brownes pond and leading different way of life. In addition, modern food for pond fish contain large amounts of natural substances – provitamin that improve the digestibility of all components of the feed components, resulting in a reduction of water pollution in the end.

Producers did not forget and about specific

the diet of young animals and growing fish. A wide range of such goods available in our shop also for this category of Your charges!

In case of any difficulties with the selection and purchase of feed pond fish, You can always get a qualified consultation of our specialists.

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