Fishing on the pond

What is attractive about this kind of fishing? My opinion is a great density of fish in relatively small pond. The same beneficial factors such as a lack of flow. And finally, a big chance to catch a big carp or carp. And while waiting for the bite of a large specimen, with pleasure fishing not very picky carp. On the pond, especially on weekends, always lots of fishermen. Almost each of them has secrets of fishing. Some hold the secrets in strictest confidence, some are happy to share them with other fishermen. I belong to the latter, because adhere to the principle: all of it, all the same, one is not exploited.

And those who cherish the secrets – people are mostly superstitious. They have the principle told the secret of my good luck. Of course, in different waters, the same fish behaves differently, but the fisherman, when he first came to the pond, starts to fish is always a favorite way to your favorite bait. Mostly the secrets relate to the composition of the bait, but rather various additives and fragrances.

I have too favorite secrets, although I’m sure many fishermen know them. For example, when fishing for carp, I’m in the dough add mashed garlic poljubaca. As well always take a sweet dough, and in the lure add the soaked carrot. These sekretaris me shared our fishermen friends. And here is my tip for catching carp and carp, at least I was not prompted. The crumb of rye bread (not to be confused with gray), mixed with not a very large amount of boiled potatoes (about a third part), drop anise oil, knead until smooth. Stick to the pellets of a pea. In our waters acts. Checked.

Universal nozzle on the pond, and not only, I think canned corn. All or almost all carp love her. Maybe because it’s sweet.

Fishing in the pond for carp

Fishing for carp in closed water bodies has its own nuances and distinctive features from catching this fish on the river. Carp on the pond seldom grows to a large size in a river or reservoir, this is because of the full drain and selection of fish for sale that produces some irreversible damage to its population. In small ponds very often growth retarded carp, and all fish caught weigh more than a couple of dozen grams. Carp fishing in closed waters begins a little earlier than on the river, here the water reaches the desired temperature much quicker and the fish spawning fleeting. In the pond carp are not so shy, he was used to a considerable number of fishers, and other external irritating factors and often even the sound of fishing for carp can be successful.

In carp fishing on the pond has its own pros and cons, let’s discuss them in detail. A fish pond is less fearful, but it is more zakormlen and choosy to food, there are a number of reasons, both implicit and objective. Owners of ponds are always try, what would a fisherman caught fewer fish, they try by all means to hinder good fishing. Very often, especially before the weekend to observe a picture when the water in the pond sleep bags with food and on weekends or holidays, when the reservoir attracts a large number of fishermen, fish is not caught, she is well fed that even the most sophisticated bait and the nozzle can’t seduce her. But so do the most generous owners of the reservoirs, others just take off hard water through a pipe in the dam, the water level drops and the fish begins to worry, she goes to deep place and stand there without reacting to the nozzle. The second reason that weakens the fish biting, there are all the same overfeeding, but it is due to the fact that everyone who came fishing fisherman considers a mandatory rule as to lure the fish in. After the fish eats, and spoiled at the bottom of the reservoir drives away her food from the most convenient places for fishing. Fishing on a pond largely depends on fishing, there are several good places for fishing, sometimes it can be the dam in the shallow water, in the third place, overgrown with water grass and reeds. The main thing is to choose tactics, on a hot day the fish are best picks from the dam, the depth here is quite large (usually the deepest part of the pond) and the fish are hiding from the heat at depth, the best option, if the dam has trees giving good shade, then the bite can last all day. If bad water is still warm, the carp loves going out on small plots, but the cast should be done no closer than 5-10 meters from the shore, otherwise the fish will notice the fisherman and afraid to take the nozzle.

Fishing for carp will be successful if you apply his favourite nozzle, the first semolina pudding made so that it could using sticks to wind up on the hook, the second mastery or well-boiled peas, this fish fell to corn bait from the jar, that is not its natural food, but she gladly caught at this bait. The most common tackle is a carp float fishing rod or Donk with a trough, the selection of gear depends on the pond, if we have a lot of hooks, preferably only to catch poplavochnoj a fishing tackle. Plays a big role right bait, the best option would be pea porridge, mixed with the cake, but this isn’t worth it and to take fishing bucket lure, carp and small quantities will find a place of fishing, because he has an enviable sense of smell. The strong wind only hurts the fishing in strong windy weather, fishing for carp will not bring the desired result to the fisherman. Confident the most biting occurs in the morning, if you got a Sunny day, in a bad weather situation is on the contrary the fish are actively biting just after eleven o’clock in the afternoon. But what would have been the catch, the fishing will still give you an incredible experience and respite from everyday worries.

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