Fishing for catfish on a trout line in may

Efficient Donk on soma in may

What sort of angler you are, whether an avid carpaticum or spinning, but sooner or later there is a desire to catch the biggest fish of our waters — catfish . Catch it from the shore or from a boat, the spinning and a ground rod. Here you choose, but I think that the most acceptable and efficient fishing gear for the novice angler will be the Donk . It is best to catch catfish in may , so at this time, it comes pre-spawning feeding period.

Tackle for catfish

So now we’re going to catch the owner of the river on bottom gear, which can act as a normal Donk and bottom snap-in with spinning rod . then this case should be treated with full responsibility.

For fishing it is important to choose a powerful blank of the rod with a large margin of safety — you need to understand that som, usually likes to deploy under fallen trees and driftwood and after your cuttings will certainly try to drag the tackle there. And here the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of your fishing rod. In pursuit of these giants it is advisable to use specialized carp or sea fishing rods. For catching catfish from the shore use two rods from 2,80 to 3,40 they Cost a decent amount, but they are worth it.

Vibramycine rod raises the question of the proper coil. Most fishermen somatico put a spinning reel with a large spool that allows you to use large stock of fishing line a large diameter (from 4000). Usually such coils are used for carp and sea fishing. Each spool on the spinning reel is written, what stock she holds the fishing line (the length and diameter of fishing line). Keep in mind that the braids that rule does not apply, it always fits smaller than the fishing line of the same diameter. Still advise you to put catfish baitcasting reels

Fishing line for catfish

The diameter (the thickness of a scaffold) to a greater extent depends on the selected coil and rod, as they allow you to weaken the resistance of the fish and use a thinner fishing line. Of course the monofilament has a higher strength (high tensile strength), but wear out quickly about the irregularities of the bottom, in particular is very easy to cut on the barnacles. On a normal ground rod without the use of spinning rods place the line not less than 0,8 — 1 mm. Can be placed and durable nylon cord. So decide for yourself what is better to put a fishing line or monofilament .

Sinker for catfish

Choosing the shape and weight of the sinkers you have to consider the force of the tide, what bait to use, and of course fishing conditions. If you’re going to fish with live bait (frog, crab or fish) that are likely to drag snap to the side, then put heavier sinker. When fishing on the stream, do not place flat sinkers, and choose a ribbed shape.

In the first place by choosing hooks for catfish decide the bait: for fishing with live bait (frog, crab or fish) use treble hooks or double hooks, and for fishing with a “bunch” of Nightcrawlers or crayfish meat can and single hook. Because the mouth the catfish is great and it easily swallows the bait, do not hesitate to use large hooks №№18-20. Moreover, the hooks need to be of high quality and sturdy. I do not advise to use hooks with a small distance from the end of the chin to the bottom hooking. Such a hook with a low hooking will not be able to pierce deeply into the mouth of the fish, and this will lead to her outright.

How you made a Donk for the described by fishing . Actually your snap-in will consist of a main fishing line, leashes with hooks and sinker. And then spinningovoe the fishing-rod and reel or just reel into it. Maybe as a sliding sinker intermediate and end deaf. Depends to a large extent on the bottom topography (in the snags deaf, to clean the bottom from obstacles — moving). Tie the leashes to 50 centimeters long, and then it happens that catfish are just starting to take the bait, and your nerves are unable to withstand the tension required to trip and you make it ahead of time and som out.

How and where to catch catfish on the bottom gear?

So, where to find catfish. Primarily look for him in the pits most of the day he spends in there. His presence will say a characteristic bursts and Cocagne rising to the surface of the soma. Or ask the local fishermen, usually we people are not selfish. Also worth throw a tackle in the coastal zone around the hole. Donok is better to use several, so it is possible to fish in a more extensive part of the water body, and be aware that if you caught a catfish in a certain place, it is even likely. this is not the last com with this pit. Do not forget about caution — catfish are very sensitive fish and can be scared of a foreign sound or light from a flashlight. Having thrown a rope from shore or imported it from a boat it is necessary to firmly lock the reel into it or the rod. You must be willing to a very large jerk at his line.

Bait for catching catfish

What to use as bait for catfish? This glutton is omnivorous and changes its diet depending on age. Young likes to eat worms, leeches, barnacles etc Growing up moves on to larger prey, such as frogs, crayfish and small fish. Old people do not shun fallen rodents, waterfowl, etc. the choice of bait depends on the time of year.

In the spring, the tassel worm, frog, fried poultry, meat, fish, bait, lure hesitant; the summer is live bait, frog, stale meat, poultry intestine, the skin, the mole cricket, the vibrating lure;

Fall — stale meat, fried bird (Sparrow), live bait, frog, tassel, worms, crayfish meat.

Lure think soma is not worth it, strange aromas can only aggravate the fishing that attract small things, which can considerably to nibble your bait, but here too the choice is yours.

And still have proven by many anglers bait is bait all listed, but missing, and emitting the characteristic smell. The soma of smell is very developed and he will not be able to pass by your bait.

But on the imprint will say that if the river is this giant, then the rest is a matter of time and technology and of course NHN.

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