There are freshwater and marine fish. How do they live in the water? They breathe the oxygen dissolved in it.

Every time you open your mouth, the fish absorbs the water. The oxygen dissolved in the water absorbed inside the body of the fish straight into the bloodstream. The wastewater is then discharged through the gills, usually located on the sides of the fish’s body, behind the head.

Mudflats jumpers

Mudskipper is a fish with very interesting habits. There are jumpers in the Eastern Atlantic, Indian and West Pacific ocean. It lives most often in the quiet bays near river mouths. This remarkable fish that at low tide remains on land and, using fins and a special breast suction Cup, can climb trees to a height of more human growth: here it preys on insects.

In fresh water rivers and lakes inhabited by many species of fish. Freshwater fish feed on different food. Some eat algae, other aquatic insects and mollusks. Some fish eat other fish; they are real predators.

In certain types of freshwater fish are found only in one river or lake, others dwell in many places. Sometimes fish eggs is transferred to a new place, glued to the feet of waterfowl, and sometimes fish can move people. Some fish themselves swim in other rivers. When the salmon is four years old, he leaves the river and goes to sea.Having lived in the sea and two more years, he returns to lay her eggs. Many salmon return to their native river, but some moved to other rivers.

Chub inhabits the lakes and rivers of Europe. He slowly floats in calm water, eating water plants and small invertebrates (animals with no backbone). The weight of the Chub can reach 4 kg.

Perch found in Europe and Northern Asia. He hides in the algae, so with lightning speed to pounce on passing fish. There are about one hundred and twenty species of groupers.

Pike is a strong predatory fish that lives in rivers in Europe, North America and Asia. In length it can grow up to 1.5 m; pike preys not only on most species of freshwater fish, but also on small aquatic birds.

Marine fish

One of the most powerful saltwater fish — swordfish. Adult swordfish can reach a length of 5 to 6 m and weigh about a ton. There were occasions when the swordfish pierced the hull the hull of a ship.

It remains a mystery why the swordfish attacking whales. I believe that the swordfish thrusts its weapon in the whale’s body because not timely pay huge speed. Another assumption is that the sword-fish, saw whales, frightened of his size and just in case the first attack.

Absolutely not similar to swordfish seahorse. His eyes move independently from each other. It often freezes into immobility, tail wrapped around the stem of a water plant.

Stingray — a very undesirable prey for fishermen. His long tail like a whip, Stingray uses for self-defense. On the tail it has a protruding spike, causing a dangerous wound. If the fisherman accidentally catches the slope, he first cuts off his tail. After that, the fisherman cuts the inside because of them mined oil suitable for lamps. The rest of the fish is ejected.

Monkfish is easy to identify. The fish was huge, its body length reaches 2 m. the Distinguishing feature of the monkfish is a huge gaping mouth.

Monkfish doesn’t swim in search of food. From his back protrude a few spikes, similar to a mustache. At the end of the front “USA” is a brilliant skin brush. This tassel monkfish rolls smoothly back and forth, thereby luring unsuspecting fish right into its jaws.

Aquarium fish

Many people are addicted to content the fish in the aquarium. The aquarium is a water container with glass walls.

In the aquarium a constant water temperature, and using a special pump, injection into the water air bubbles, it is saturated with oxygen. Without heat and oxygen, dissolved in water, the fish will die. The most popular fish bright colors or with unusual habits. Some species of aquarium fish are of natural origin, others are bred for keeping in aquariums.

Unusual fish

Fish live on the Earth more than four hundred million years. During this time, in the process of evolution there are many different kinds of a variety of shapes and sizes. Some fish have scales, don’t. Some have gills, others have not. However, in General, fish is a cold-blooded creature that has a spine, gills and heart.

Today there are about 44 thousand different species of fish; perhaps there are more. Among this many species there are that are not like the others.

The body of the puffer fish encased in bony armor that protects it from predators.

Marine fish lives on the bottom of the shallow water near the coasts of the North Atlantic. Instead of swimming, he “walks” along the bottom, using his fins.

Deep sea angler lives in the eternal darkness of the underwater depths. Use the glowing appendage on the upper lip he beckoning to small fish within reach of its jaws.

Chinese fish usually swims “upright”, with his tail down and bringing his mouth to the surface of the water to swallow food.

Amphiprion insensible to the stings of sea anemones (anemones) and can hide from predators in thickets of deadly tentacles.

Perilously catfish floating belly up and so called “fish-Changeling.”

Flying fish live in tropical waters throughout. They use their long fins like wings and can fly through the air up to 40 m. These fish jump out of the water to elude predators.

The shark is a carnivorous fish and therefore it is not surprising that people are so afraid of her swimmers.

A giant white shark is very fast and aggressive, she attacks everything that moves. Blue and tiger sharks are also very dangerous predators.

The whale shark, the largest of all fishes, is very different from them. She eats small animals and plants. Mackerel shark eats a mackerel, haddock, cod and burbot. These fish it swallows whole.

The length of the mackerel shark is about three meters. She often gives trouble to the fishermen, getting in nets full of fish. The mackerel shark is racing in the nets, tearing them and releasing other fish. Easily recognized by its pointed snout.

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