Fish in the garden pond

Fish enliven the garden pond and justify their presence in it that eat mosquito larvae and other insects. However, the presence of fish in the garden pond is desirable, but not necessarily, because usually has little effect on the maintenance of the purity of water.

When choosing fish are primarily guided by the size of Your pond . If You are not strapped for cash, you might want to purchase expensive and beautiful koi . Unfortunately, these fish are harmful to the plants-oxygenators. Like other species of carp . they need a pond with a surface area of not less than 7.5 sq. m. You can not go wrong by purchasing ordinary goldfish . also suitable shubunkin and crucians . are able to live in any, even very tiny garden pond – you need only to ensure that in winter the surface water is not delayed by ice for a long time. Between koi and goldfish is Golden Orff, which is the necessary garden pond with a surface area of at least 3.5 sqm

How to start fish in garden pond

Another important consideration is whether will be visible to fish . The most suitable from this point of view fish are ordinary goldfish and more mobile gold Orff, since they always stay at the water surface. Buy fish from reliable vendors. The length of the fish should be about 10 cm, the Fish should be placed in plastic bags with water saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen. Do not run in the garden pond too many fish ; usually when you check the reservoir the fish adhere to the following rule: 0.1 sq. m of surface water shall be 2.5 cm of body length of fish . When the density of the fish is not crowded and enough oxygen for normal life. Later you can add a garden pond even a few individuals. On the way out of the store holding the bag of fish in a cool and dark place, came home, put it (without untying it) into the pond and cover with newspaper. After an hour or two untie the bag and release the fish in their new home. Do not overfeed the fish – they are quite able to feed herself. It is desirable to feed only in spring and summer when they are most active. Feed your fish once a day and give them food that floats. After 10 minutes remove the uneaten portion from the surface of the pond . Fish can be left safely without food for the holidays – during your absence, they will take care of itself.

Other inhabitants of the pond

You may want also to bring to the garden pond newts, toads, frogs and dragonflies. In this case, the portion of the shore of the reservoir have to do gentle – this will allow birds, hedgehogs and amphibians is easy to approach the water. In addition, near the reservoir should be put a pile of stones and logs where animals can hide during hibernation, as well as to organize the swamp, where among the avens, kaluzhnitsa and some tall grasses can hide the frog.

Species of fish for a garden pond


Ordinary goldfish fins short, color is usually dark-Golden. Comets have elongated, growing a tail fin and a larger remaining fins. Both varieties are hardy, their maximum length is 30 cm In large stores you can find even more exotic breeds of goldfish is the veiltail, Eurohostel, etc. but they are all heat-loving and more suitable for aquariums than for a garden pond .


A genus of fish of the carp family. Dorsal fin long, pharyngeal teeth single-row. 2 species – the Golden, or common, crucian and gibel carp . Golden carp spread from Central Europe to the Lena basin, up to 45 cm long, weighs up to 3 kg of gibel carp . at the same length weighing only about 1 kg, lives in the basin of the Pacific ocean, in the rivers of Siberia and in the downstream areas of the Aral sea. Its domesticated species – goldfish .


Normal shubunkin body shape similar to goldfish . but he’s almost transparent scales and skin are black, orange, yellow, red or white. I shubunkin-the comet’s elongated tail fin and larger the other fins. Maximum body length is 25 cm.

The Sarasa Comet

The body shape is similar to the usual comet, but with white skin and red spots. Very showy fish . which is well seen in the garden pond . Maximum body length – 30 cm

Golden Orff

Beige and pink fish . a more elegant and active than the goldfish . She needs a fairly large pond. Maximum body length is 50 cm.

Golden Rudd

Similar to Golden Orpah, but less spectacular. In the garden pond Rudd is not as noticeable as Orff, but it is less demanding to the amount of oxygen in the water and is able is easier than most other fish . to tolerate higher temperature.

Enemies of the fish

Usually in the loss of fish unfair to blame cats. Non-obvious causes of fish kills are usually overcrowded garden pond . disease and aquatic insects: grabiak, larvae of dragonflies, beetle beetles. Of birds the greatest danger herons and gulls.

In the next article we will explain how to properly care for a garden pond . so he was always well-groomed and clean. See all articles of the section ” Landscaping “.

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