Fish in the garden pond


The pond requires regular maintenance. It is not only important to build and combine all the components, but continue to watch.

Care for the pond

We have already drawn your attention to the fact that the pond needs care. It is not only important to build and combine all the components, but also regularly to look. Water the plants in the pond and the fish just feed once a day, but you need to remove dead plants, overgrown, sick. You need to remove fallen leaves in the winter to cut through the ice to fish suffocated, repair and regularly check the pumps.

What tools are needed? First, a net, heater, two-horned forks. Maybe you need this mesh for pond and special equipment like vacuum cleaner sludge. Sometimes, problems arise that are not associated with the seasons and You have to figure out what’s what. Sooner or later, will need capital repairs of the pond.

In a pond there must be a balance. Fish and plants feel comfortable, and algae is the worst enemy of any body of water, should not proliferate. The only way to preserve the water clear. A breeding ground for algae are the fallen leaves – remove them immediately.

Do not add the soil compost, manure and other fertilizer. Do not overfeed the fish, not sheening need to remove immediately. Shadow water the plants, planted those plants that recycle carbon dioxide. In the new pond water is always turbid and greenish, but after planting the desired plants, possible to fix everything. If natural remedies do not help, install biological or chemical cleaners for water.

The pond in winter

A small pond will freeze right through, that is, you should move the fish and plants.

To the above balance kept in the pond, do the work at the right time. Winter work is not enough: fish are hibernating or less active, feeding them is not necessary. At this time you can plant bog plants, if not very cold and damp. When you hit the cold – there comes a serious and responsible work. A small pond will freeze right through, that is, you should move the fish and plants.

At strong cooling pond need to be closed with boards, burlap, but in a long dark pond inhabitants will perish. In a deep pond with fish and plants do not die, but solid ice should be thinned to the inhabitants of the pond suffocating. Ice can break up! This will damage the fish when you go shock wave. The best way is to place a hot pot, a frying pan on the ice until it melts. It is best to install a heater before the cold weather. In a concrete pond, you can throw the Board, so she broke the ice.

In the spring we need to wait for the increased activity of the fish and frogs, regrowth of new leaves of water lilies. Start to feed the fish: first time in a couple of days, but diverse – not only the dry feed, but also worms, crustaceans, Daphnia. Check the pumps and other equipment.

Join in the swamp, because then you will be not up to it: clean it and planted new plants. In may, you need to plant water plants. Remove and divide heavily overgrown plants, and fed them. It is more convenient to work with the plants that were planted in baskets.

Remove from the pond fallen leaves, all kinds of rotten organic matter. By the way, if in the spring your pond will turn green, do not be afraid, the algae begin activity earlier than aquatic plants, by the summer the water should posvetlet. If the organic remains of poorly cleaned, the pond will begin to bloom and smell. Have to change the water and, in extreme cases, to clean the pond.

Summer work is “vigil”. Just enjoy a pond, but don’t forget to watch for pests. Can hose to flush the water coastal pests with plants that the fish ate them. In the summer still need to feed the fish once a day. In summer the pond dries up to 5 cm per day – watch for this and constantly add water. In summer you can dokazivati flowers, to release the fish.

Coastal plants, if they grow, are to normal, remove them with fruit, otherwise it will weaken the plant and clog the soil of the pond. Pay particular attention to the duckweed – it can grow that will score the pump. In hot summer, add water in the swamp. If the fish produce offspring, and You want to fish a lot more, better pull out the fry with a net and we will move in a small pond or in an aquarium, and when they grow up – get them back. Otherwise, fish will eat their own offspring.

Autumn leaves in a pond

Fall are cleaned regularly and sheets and other organic residues that decompose, spoil the water.

In the fall most often throw the pond, thinking that the work is finished. That is why many ponds become useless. To October if the autumn is warm, you can replant flowers. Fall are cleaned regularly and sheets and other organic residues that decompose, spoil the water.

In early October the plants oxidants are trimmed, so trimmed those coastal plants that are darkened or rotten. The stems are cut so that protruded from the water only a couple inches, otherwise before winter, the plant is eaten by pests. Floating plants are removed darkened leaves and flowers, in addition, floating plants leave kidneys, which in winter fall to the bottom. These are some of the kidneys need to take away and place in a jar so that they grow in early spring.

When You return them to the pond, they will bloom earlier than those that remained in the water and reduce the amount of algae in the water. Sometimes it’s easier to use the grid than to pick up the leaves: if around the pond grow trees cover the pond with a net, until leaf fall ends. Take care of those plants and fish that do not tolerate frost, and transplant them before the cold weather.

At this time, fish that remain in the pond need to be fed protein food for the winter. Instead of the pump turn the heater. If you are poultry, put in a pond a few pipes where the fish can hide.

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