Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea

You go to the Black sea. Do you know what sea monsters eat? The black sea is very friendly and perfectly safe for humans. There are no scary sharks, poisonous sea snakes, Barracuda and other horrible monsters. Besides, in the sea, as on earth, just for something to do on man, no one ever attacks. And if there is in the Black sea inhabitants that can cause you a little trouble, do not grab their hands and pull the tail… kornerot jellyfish Is the largest jellyfish of the Black sea, the diameter of the dome can exceed 40cm. It is easily recognized by this fleshy, bell-like dome and a heavy beard of the mouth of the blades underneath. Lace on the blades of Camerota are poisonous stinging cells that can burn the skin, like hot water or nettles. Probably why the jellyfish has three more Russian names: sea nettles, gigalo, Zhuchka. When you see it follow the simple advice: don’t touch comerota, go around, “oblivate”. And do not touch even dead, or at least wash your hands afterwards. Otherwise, RUB their eyes and accidentally get burned. Kornerot helps to survive in the sea for juvenile fish that are hiding under his hood from the predators have feasted on those tasty little thing, but I’m afraid of stinging cells jellyfish. Himself kornerot feeds exclusively on plankton, but kornerot in the sea doesn’t eat anybody. Scientists say jellyfish to the category “food stubs”. (Although in Japan,Korea and China comerota eat: this is “crystal” meat can be boiled, fried and even salt). And here another interesting detail concerning jellyfish. It turns out that they have eyes. And the same kornerot, presumably, sees us well, although it is difficult to say in what form. However, again: jellyfish, even the most venomous itself to attack the person never will be… the Dragon is Not aggressive to man and other poisonous inhabitant of the Black sea – dragon. It is a demersal fish with a large angular head, bulging eyes and a huge, greedy mouth. Dragon usually buries itself in sand or silt, and there awaits its prey. In this case, the sand sticks out his dorsal fin, five rays of which the poisoned spines. Spikes and toxic slime from dragon are not for attack but for defense. However, accidentally stepped on has buried in the sand of a dragon, can significantly be affected: a shot of this small black sea fish is equivalent to the bite of poisonous snakes. But don’t be afraid to step on the dragon – the event is unlikely, usually the fish manages to get away from the approaching person. Much more likely to get injured dragon, the fishermen who caught it on bait. In this case it is better not to try to remove the dragon from the hook alive prick. And the sting of this fish is dangerous even after her death, therefore, to start cooking meals from dragon, remove with scissors its dangerous spikes. In taste same qualities of the sea dragon is just gorgeous, he’s a good as a holiday and in the ear.

It is a marine fish, which cannot be confused with any other black sea fish: painfully, in human terms, he’s ugly. Large head, covered with warts, spines, horns, bulging bloody eye, a huge mouth with thick lips than the image of the real sea monster? (Although if you look at the sea Ersu with a sense of good-natured humor, its shape causes only a smile). The rays of the dorsal fin Scorpion fish – acute poisonous spines. But it’s not a weapon of attack and defense.

These prickly predators hiding among the rocks under the seaweed and are able to change the color of the body depending on the environment. Therefore, to notice the Scorpion is not easy, and she is so confident in its understatement, which is not always flees at the approach of man. It can even be touched, although do not advise it – surely that’s enough! In the Black sea there are two kinds of Scorpion fish is visible and the black sea. Noticeable – no more than 15cm, the black sea may reach a length of two feet, but such individuals are found at depth, away from shore. Sea fish is very tasty fish, especially in the ear. According to experts, ruff in the ear is the same as brain bone in the soup. But to clean the Scorpion fish soup like this to have again very, very carefully… Sea cat It is also called the sting rays. This flattened fish up to 70cm in length, having no sides – only back and belly. The rays live on the bottom, floating, swinging wide body planes. The caudal fin, instead they have a tail that sea cat uses as a weapon. The tail has a barb up to 20cm in length – a real sharp knife, and along the “blade” passes the groove on which one of the glands on the tail drips with a thick poison. If lying hurt at the bottom of the rays, he hits you with tail whip, and can inflict a deep wound poisoned by its thorn. Fortunately, sea cats are timid, afraid of the noise and quickly swim away from where people bathe. Katran Other “monsters” in the Black sea no. The black sea shark Katran is not dangerous to humans: she is afraid of people, seldom comes near the shore and is not particularly aggressive. To see her at least once in your life – a big dream of underwater hunters.

We have to admit that a person is much more dangerous for the sea than all the poisonous sea creatures and sharks for the man.

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