Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea

Among the inhabitants of the Black sea are found animals, contact with which to humans can be dangerous. These include some fish (sea dragon, sea cat, sea Fox, sea fish) and jellyfish (Aurelia, kornerot).

The most dangerous fish of the Black sea is a sea dragon . this is a small sized fish, has on the back two fins, one of which (smaller) is located closer to the head and contains a poisonous spikes, and the second (large) has a non-poisonous spikes.

Meeting the man with the dragon can occur while swimming in the sea, fishing (when the fish barehanded off the hook or pick from the nets), underwater hunting.

A shot of sea pet dragon causes the victim severe pain . which increases, reaching maximum severity in 30-40 min At the injection site can appear swelling, edema, and even may be necrosis (necrosis of skin). Deteriorating General condition of the victim: there is a weakness, lethargy, headache, pain in the heart region, sweating, increased body temperature to 38-39 °C. In severe cases of poisoning, the possible gross violations functions of the nervous system, the heart and respiration, collapse, shock and even death.

Emergency care. The injection site is widely grab with two fingers, squeeze a drop of zidkostei wounds, and then for 15-20 minutes sucks out the poison . constantly spitting saliva. Then the injection site was washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or boiled water, lubricated with alcoholic solution of iodine or Zelenka (in the absence of them, you can use the alcohol or Cologne). Take measures for urgent hospitalization of the victim to the nearest hospital, in case of severe poisoning in the intensive care unit.

Injections of sea cat and sea perch cause the affected local and General pathological phenomenon, similar in many respects to those seen during injections of sea dragon, but less pronounced. Cases of fatal poisoning are rare.

Sea cat is also called rays . since in the rear it has a sharp spike, which can lead to bather or angler in the shallow water areas (sea cat leads a benthic lifestyle and buries itself in the sand or pebbles near the shore).

Marks more likely to suffer sea perch anglers, choosing the place for fishing near the shore with a rocky bottom and seaweed.

Emergency care if you are living sea cat and sea perch is similar to that practiced in the shots of the sea dragon (see above).

A shot of the sea Fox , which is very similar to the sea cat, is dangerous because you may experience an extensive laceration . although the sharp spines of this fish contain the poison. Sea Fox leads a benthic lifestyle, reaches in excess of 1 m and a long tail covered with spines forming a saw. This strong tail and is the cause of serious injury to the bather or angler, especially if the injury is applied on the face, neck, chest and abdomen.

Emergency care. The victim immediately carried out of the water, the edges of the wound carefully dried with sterile gauze, smeared them with tincture of iodine or solution of brilliant green, on the wound aseptic bandage is applied, after which the victim urgently delivered in the nearest hospital.

Contact with jellyfish can cause varying degrees of irritation of human skin, until the burn. Frequently such reactions occur on contact with large jellyfish kornerot (it looks like a mushroom) and Aurelia (in appearance it resembles a plate).

The diameter of kornerot reaches 0.5 m; under the domes of this jellyfish hanging a bunch of tentacles that contain stinging of education with the poison. When you touch the tentacles of jellyfish with skin or mucous membranes of a person stands out in a strong poison. The body’s response to the action of this poison varies: some appear redness and itching, others on such a background, there are bubbles, increased body temperature, marked weakness, headache and other symptoms.

Less poisonous jellyfish is Aurelia (it is also called the sea saucer or the big-eared jellyfish). In contact with Aurelia any redness of the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth, accompanied by unpleasant sensations. In this case the victim should immediately get out of the water, but medical care he needs.

At a burn of the skin caused by the poison tentacles of kornerot . to the victim provide emergency care: burn grease alcoholic iodine solution or alcohol (in their absence, you can apply a Cologne or vodka), and then on the affected area impose a sterile gauze bandage. Then the victim should be examined by a doctor to decide the question of possible other medical appointments. Need to know what the dome of kornerot stinging contains no elements, so when meeting in water with the jellyfish, it can avert or repel, touching the dome of this animal.

Prevention of injuries of man the dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea consists in the following.

1. While swimming and fishing should be avoided in shallow water places sand and pebble bottom, which dug up or loosened . as there may be a sea cat or sea Fox.

2. You cannot touch with the hands found in fish or trying to get those fish that bury themselves in the sand or pebbles, for among them may be dangerous to human inhabitants of the sea.

3. Any caught fish before removing the hook should be stun . When sorting and moving of fish caught need to wear gloves to avoid pricks and other injuries.

4. When meeting with jellyfish should not touch their tentacles, and when a cluster of jellyfish need to withdraw and push them away, touching only to the dome of these animals.

5. It is necessary to forbid children to “play” with pulled ashore jellyfish (especially cornertime), considering the possibility of defeat the venom of these inhabitants of the Black sea.

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