Dangerous dwellers of the Mediterranean sea

Upon closer inspection, the monster turned out to be some third-rate, fit only to frighten their young children. In a word, to the Maldives with their tropical abundance of all poisonous reptiles our sea obviously does not hold. However, read it and was horrified. It turns out that affectionate and warm Mediterranean sea just teeming with all sorts of creatures, ready to grab the tender, defenseless body of the swimmer, to wrest from it a piece of meat to poison or, at worst, a painful sting.

However, in 15 years of searching for adventure and snorkeling the biggest trouble that happened to us, is hopelessly corrupt bottoms, on which “spit” ink a startled octopus out of water.

The main principle for anyone wanting to dive into the sea plain and simple, as a rake: “I don’t know – don’t touch” . The more dangerous animals and the more troubles it can cause the bather, the careless behaves closer and admit to myself, naively believing that everyone is familiar with her bad temper and will not touch.
If you sobiratelnitsa on wild stony beaches, to the main principle “don’t touch anything” it would be good to add another special Slippers . no sea urchin is not terrible.

The coffee table will be incomplete if You forget home sunglasses and sunscreen . Points should detain not only the visible spectrum of solar radiation, but the most important thing is to block ultraviolet radiation, to avoid burning the cornea. Sunglasses in Cyprus even in winter will not be superfluous. Cream with protective SPF 5, 10, 15 can be reserved for Central Russia, the Baltic States rainy or foggy Albion. Cyprus sun nuclear fusion requires reliable protection. If You none of the above have forgotten, then you will be happiness in the form of a good rest and pleasant memories.

Seaweed can be a source of discomfort. Being a lover of swimming with a mask and flippers in clear waters of Protaras, a couple of times getting out on a steep rocky shoreline, I sat down on the soft algae growing in the surf to remove the fins. The effects made me remember the old advice: “to bust was lush, put it in a hive”. The hive, not the hive, but it was a very strong feeling that I sat in the bushes of nettles. Then place the stung itched terribly, which adds piquancy to the situation. Probably in such cases it is possible to recommend to use fenistil-gel or any other cream from allergies.

Unfortunately, the camera for shooting under water I have, therefore, had to settle for photos found on the Internet. All the pictures shown, what site I stole ‘ em.

Sharks that don’t exist. Dangerous dwellers of the Mediterranean sea.

Let’s start with the storms of the seas. Unfortunately, the situation today is such that we need to worry about meeting a dangerous predator, and that sharks inhabiting the Mediterranean sea, is threatened with imminent and complete disappearance. But still, what is the probability of encounter with a shark on the beaches of Cyprus?

It is believed that in the Mediterranean sea is home to 47 species of sharks. Or rather lived. Many species of sharks have not met for decades. The first loss was the hammerhead shark, which last flashed and disappeared from sight in 1995 For the hammer ready to follow a further five species. In addition, the total number of sharks in the Mediterranean sea is rapidly declining. The disappearance of sharks can cause a real environmental disaster. For sharks in the sea perform the same function as the wolves on the land. Eating sick and weak animals, they maintain the purity of the populations of other marine species.

According to the international organization, since 1958 studying the statistics of shark attacks on people in Cyprus cases of assault were recorded. Although fishermen occasionally find sharks caught in the nets off shore. Such cases, acquiring on the way a lot of rumors and tales, for a long time become a topic of discussion in the media. The beaches of Cyprus can be without any doubts be considered in this plan are safe. Meeting with the sharks, all sorts of sword-fish, ready to pierce through nezadachlivyh bather, You are not threatened. And do not expect

With 1899, in the entire Mediterranean there were about 60 cases of conflict between a man and a shark. As a rule, the victims were fishermen, athletes or divers, podplyvaya to sharks too close. The most surprising thus that the shark, trying to bite its prey, tore it to pieces, and then spit out. Here’s a strange, happy Mediterranean phenomenon.

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