Aquarium for beginners

To create the illusion of the underwater world at home, you can buy an aquarium and place it in the style of “pseudo -“. About how to make the beginner without unnecessary worries and costs with their hands, which fish and what decorations to use for your design, tell Prostozoo.

Before you begin to design the aquarium you have to decide exactly where he will stand, what is the interior design of its surroundings. After all, if you place a large aquarium with a bright blue backlight and colorful fish in the office, is decorated in gray and black tones with strict ascetic interior, it will look there, at least, ridiculous.

The main colors of this style – a combination of blue, white, gray, red, sometimes yellow, so the most appropriate for it will be accordingly decorated living room, children room, dining room, office, library and bathroom. If the interior is designed in brown and green tones, in this case fit the “tropical” aquarium.

Absolutely not matter what you are going to use the aquarium of pseudo – will look great in a traditional rectangular aquarium and exotic ball, and panoramic. Special spectral lamp will accentuate motley rascvetki. The combination of blue and warm spectrum, with the addition of ultraviolet (take, for example, the lamp “Repti-Glo 5”) will create a unique effect of sea depth. Furthermore, UV light, directed from above, will make the shadows sharper and at the same time slightly blurred, I will emphasize the contours of fish and corals, as it happens, when natural light reaches the seabed.

Once you have decided on the venue and prepared all necessary, can safely proceed directly to checkout.

Aquarium decoration in the style of “pseudo -”

Experienced aquarists recommend that before you start to make out, view a few photos or videos with images of the seabed for inspiration.

Primarily need the soil . This can be a big plain of sand, which will create the illusion of the seabed, natural marble chips (preferably not very small and not too white) or colored synthetic primers. However, in the latter case, do not use unnaturally bright colors – blue, green, red, bright yellow, if you are aiming to get is really an analogue of the underwater world.

Once the soil is Packed, place the stones . This is best to use the Sandstone cave or Mediterranean coral Sandstone, although acquire it quite complicated. However, note two important points – the stones should be large and preferably of irregular shape, unsmooth, looked harmoniously with corals. In addition, stones must not be a lot since they consist of sand, clay and lime, and hence under the action of water, will further increase its stiffness. And it’s not all fish like it.

Then mix equal proportions of sand and epoxy resin and using this mixture, attach the corals on the Sandstone. If you brought them from the sea, they must pass the provisional training:

the fastest and easiest way is to boil, then after boiling for a walk with a toothbrush of medium hardness, to remove any polyps (after this procedure, the corals become brittle);

a long and gentle way to treat a mild bleach solution and then soak for 2-3 weeks, changing the water constantly.

You can buy coral in a specialty store, but be careful – they should not be treated with lacquers or paints. They should have a porous structure and a matte color, otherwise, under the action of the water of varnish can stand out chemical substances dangerous for the fish. Keep in mind that corals-gorgonian cannot be placed in fresh water, they rot in it.

Remember that real live algae, which use when decorating a marine aquarium, can’t live and grow in fresh water. Instead, they use artificial plants . made of silicone. You can also put Caulerpa, however, do not use artificial ambulia, Ludwig, broad-leaved echinodorus and Cryptocoryne.

For decoration you can use different grottos, terraces, shells brought from the sea. Just before loading the shell into the aquarium, put it on several hours and it is a couple of days in the nest – these hardworking’ll clean it to perfection with all organic matter. Then just rinse, pour over boiling water and in the aquarium. Choosing a grottoes and terraces, do not set your goal to “build up” the bottom, choose a few, but really the original models. And don’t forget about simple rules of composition.

After everything will be fixed and installed, carefully cover all the ground scenery and the film is uniformly and slowly add water until a third of the aquarium, and then slowly and carefully remove the tape. So you will be able to preserve the original appearance, which is then again adjusted under the action of the filter and the fish.

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