Aquarium fish

This article is devoted to this great subject – how to maintain aquarium and fish . because there are so many varieties of aquarium fishes, each of which require special care. Certainly each of us wants to have a home at least a small piece of the tropics or even a corner. Actually to organize it’s not hard, but in the absence of experience can be a lot of questions, most of which we’ll cover in the article. If you properly care for a home aquarium, it will please your eyes, it will be hard to look away.

The bright green of aquatic plants. on which colored spots sitting or crawling small snails, pleases the eye with its freshness and variety. Long strips of the leaves of eelgrass are drawn to the surface of the water and lies on it, somewhere lurking small white flowers. On the leaves of plants slowly move the red snail, busily clearing them from the weeds with his tongue-grater. Moving flat, like a leaf resembling a butterfly, triangular scalars. Slender dragon surprise unusual, resembling a sword, the bone of the tail. Sweep a flock of variously coloured, with extremely large tails, the male guppies.

Few people can resist this magnificent sight. This is why many Amateur aquarists who devote their free time to rest in the troubles with your aquarium. The love of uhouse aquarium can be instilled in childhood, this hobby in the future may turn into a vocation for life in the natural Sciences. The main thing to start is to buy an aquarium. But, as it turned out, one tank is not enough, because I want to have and fish to acquire at least another kind of fish, as it turns out, in an aquarium they all do not fit or are incompatible. Then you have to buy a second aquarium. Further, as the result will be offspring, which also need somewhere to place it. And will not notice how become a aquarist. I would like to mention that this hobby is very useful for children because it teaches the children to accuracy, broadens the mind, introducing the basics of natural Sciences, physics and chemistry, has a sense of responsibility for assigned work and instills a love of nature.

Decorative aquarium is a great decoration and addition to the interior, besides all this, it helps to remove nervous tension and physical tiredness after a hard day’s work, gives the chance to observe and experiment. Often well decorated decorative aquarium is the pride of the owners. But, unfortunately the aquarium which is located in the apartment can bring trouble.

Accidental leaking or broken glass in a large aquarium can cause not only damage your furniture and flooring, but also to create a situation of conflict with neighbors in an apartment building. Therefore, when choosing an aquarium you need to focus on well-known company that provides high reliability of its product. If you decided to make an aquarium, not in any case do not forget about its reliability. When using an external filter, all connecting hoses must be well fixed. The flying hose can drain all the water from the aquarium to the floor. Tube for air supply needs to rise by 15 to 20 centimeters above the water level to avoid suction when you turn off the compressor, and the compressor must be placed too high. When working with water in a home aquarium need to de-energize all electrical equipment to prevent accidental electrical shock. And electrical equipment in the modern aquarium lot. This includes additional artificial light. and water heating, and temperature sensors, and compressor, up to automatic feeders.

In order to colonize in your aquarium Pets and the place where the plants can benefit in several ways. In many cities there are forums aquarists. There is often offer free plants, snails and fish. We should not delude ourselves, this will be the Saami plain and ordinary for the keeping and breeding of animals and plants. And after a while after placing them in the aquarium, you too will be a surplus. Then You will be able to change them on the same forums that be more valuable. In General, all this can be bought at markets where they sell pet supplies. Often on forums you can watch the announcement of the sale of aquarium fish and plants. If you decide to purchase a “freshman” in your aquarium, you should carefully monitor their condition. As to prevent any disease is much easier than to treat them. Fish should look healthy, be nimble and fun to eat. Plants bright green.

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