Aquarium, aquarium fish and aquatic plants

Aquarium (lat. aqua – water) – a container made of glass, which is a different shape, but often rectangular, containing an aquarium fish . plants and other aquatic animals in artificial conditions.

At home, in kindergartens, schools, children’s centers, research institutions and even in shopping malls is very common to see the aquarium .

The life of nature is extremely amazing, complex, unpredictable and diverse in all its manifestations. The love and interest to nature force us to play “piece of nature” in a small glass jar – aquarium, which brings great aesthetic pleasure. In all seasons, whether winter or summer, spring or autumn, we can watch the underwater world that lives its own special life. We see an unusual combination of colors and shapes of animals, their behavior is different, an amazing adaptation to different conditions of life.

So beautiful these creatures – aquarium fish . Slowly floating like a half-moon angelfish, quickly sweep the striped danoski, are still under the water surface such aquarium fish . as sapere and lineatus. Through the glass you can see how they arrange their nest cichlasoma, and on the surface of the water bubbles out of the labyrinth vozdeistvovat dwelling aquarium fish . You can also see how kopein popping up out of the water and lay eggs on leaves or on the glass of the aquarium, incubated the eggs in her mouth pelmatochromis Gunther.

In schools, lessons on biology and Zoology, the teacher can use the aquarium as a visual material, in this case to observe the animals in conditions close to natural; in scientific research institutions to perform experiments and experiments in areas such Sciences as embryology, physiology, ichthyology and Hydrobiology. The huge role played by aquariums in the economic value. Aquarium needs and for most of the preliminary work associated with acclimatization, and research on diseases of game fish.

Aquarium fish and plants kept in the aquarium in a certain amount, and they should fit together in terms of content, and the aquarium is properly equipped. It sets the desired water temperature, special lighting, and also the biological “balance” that must also be monitored. Despite this, change the water in the aquarium is not need for many months, and sometimes years. In most cases, aquarium fish and so feel great!

In recent years the art of keeping fish has risen to a higher scientific level. The aquarium has become the most feature all kinds of equipment and devices. Approach to the problems that often occur in the keeping and breeding of aquarium fish, as well as the processes that occur in aquariums, it has become more has a sence. Different aquarium system have to be applied more often to study issues related to aquatic science, ecology, bionics, ethology, aquatic toxicology. The aquarium helps to carry out complex genetic and physiological experiments, even on space stations and ships, thus it is possible to determine the influence of the cosmos on the life of the fish. Because aquarium fish are vertebrates, but when compared with other vertebrates, their life cycle is very short,and embryonic development proceeds rather quickly.

In the home aquarium teaches children from an early age to accuracy and accountability. Because its inhabitants carry certain responsibilities each day. Aquariums significantly expands our Outlook, unwittingly introducing such Sciences as biology, Zoology, geography, the basics of physics and chemistry. The love for fish brings us a sense of responsibility and duty to “brothers” our smaller, love for mother nature.

And what we say about the aquariums medicine? Thanks to the artificial reservoir of moisture is maintained in the premises which are necessary for health. No wonder the leading clinics, health centers and places of public entertainment you will often see the aquarium or ornamental pool: aquarium fish move slowly and steadily, which has a positive effect on the human psyche, distracting him from his obsessive thoughts, and this, in turn, causes positive emotions. It is possible to result many examples when aquatic leisure helped people get rid of addictions, be it alcoholism, drug addiction or Smoking.

Aquarium fish – it’s also an unusual decorative element of a modern apartment. And, really, the best complement the interior than home-made pond filled with unusually colored animals and plants, it is impossible to imagine. Literally fascinate endlessly changing picture amazing life behind the glass. And all this beauty created by hands of owners living area.

Our site is designed for wide circles of hobbyists and enthusiasts, and zoologists engaged in the maintenance and breeding of aquarium fish. Much attention is given to tropical fish, due to the fact that the conditions of life in the tropics is much more uniform than ours, so it’s easier to contain the animals, including aquarium fish, tropical regions of our planet than from the middle band. In addition, many tropical aquarium fish are small in size, attractive shape and beautiful coloring. The on-site aquarium fish . in the apartment live well and the majority breed. Primarily the attention is given to species that are widely distributed in Russia; from missing we described aquarium fish . c interesting biology.

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