An artificial pond at the cottage

It’s nice in the summer heat, having left the cottage, to sit by the water. And even better in their personal pond to catch the fish, right there on the grill to fry her and entertain your friends. Who does not dream about that? A small pond can be not only useful but also beautiful decoration of the suburban area. The water surface takes the role of a mirror reflecting the sky, growing around trees and shrubs. The sparkling water is fascinating and soothing, and floating fish in the pond add dynamics. An artificial reservoir it is possible to arrange on a suburban garden plot.

First you need to decide for what purpose you will create a pond. If it is just decorative enough depth 60 to 70 cm, and the shape and size can be very different, depending on the capabilities and desires. If in a pond to live fish, size of pond you need to choose depending on the types of fish that will be grown. For example, for cultivation of ornamental koi the pond can be small, about 15 m2 and depth of 1.2 meters. Undemanding goldfish can live even in a tiny pond. But the ornamental fish you in the winter time you will need to move the aquariums, which do not freeze, are the winter garden or in the house. If you decide to breed fish for the pond. such as common carp, silver carp, Zander, catfish, bream, the water volume in the reservoir must be large with respect to the quantity of fish, and hence the partition of the pond not less than 15 square meters.

The pond should be placed in a location where it will be convenient to spend time, and planted coastal plants, plants for the pond and all living organisms of the pond felt good.

The choice of location for the reservoir

Do not place the pond in the lowland area, especially if it flooded. In the rainy season all the water will flow down, and if around or nearby flowerbeds, lawn or garden that you fertilize in the pond will be the entire set of the periodic table.

The space should be open and bright. Not recommended to place the pond under direct sunlight, the water will become very hot, which is not good for the plants and fish. The best option would be the sunlight on the surface of the water in the first or second half of the day for 7-8 hours.

In the shady part of the garden pond is also undesirable. The constant absence of the sun causes the water to rot, plants and living things in the pond will suffer from lack of light, ill.

It is best to have the reservoir so that a part of it is well heated by the sun, and the other was in the shade, then the fish with the hot summer days will be able to hide.

Try to keep nearby large trees, their leaves will crumble into the water, polluting it, and roots can damage the waterproofing.

An artificial pond, whatever it was, big or small, with fish or without, you need to keep clean. This is the same aquarium, only in the open air. It requires constant attention. In the spring be sure to clean the bottom from silt. If the pond is small, water can be pumped, sludge, debris, accumulated over the past period, collect the shovel. In the course of the season to remove debris and weeds from the pond by dip net or regular rake. If you breed fish, make sure you use the system for water purification. Start in water snails, turtles, water striders. They will maintain cleanliness. Don’t forget to add water to the level of no was lower than expected.

The edges of the pond is usually formed by flat stones which are well kept, and a waterproofing film. With their help you can create the natural landscape of the shore, to make the stone bottom, to draw the sloping descent to the water. To support natural design, in a place where there will be chairs, tables, lounge chairs, you can put pebbles.

Water surface is empty without aquatic plants. They not only beautify the pond, but also will protect the water from overheating. For planting these plants, there are special containers, and you can use different trays, pots or boxes, as long as they were made of a material which does not rot, it is not advisable to use wooden containers, woven baskets and such.

Natural body of water will add moisture-loving plants, planted along the shore. Suitable not only garden flowers, but also wild, they will look very natural on the shore, maintaining a natural style, to create the impression that your pond created by nature. In the shade you can plant the host, a variety of sorts which allows you to select a plant for any taste, some hosts grow well in the sun. In the shade and partial shade grows well, astilbe, its root system is shallow, she does not like the dryness of the soil, and wet banks will do. It is possible to land anemopsis, globe flower, meadowsweet, flag iris, daylilies, botulinic, Burnet. Realistic to issue Bank using groundcover plants. For this approach, Boudreau, which in nature grows well in wet meadows, loosestrife monetchaty, globe flower. Some plants are able to create entire thickets, and if your pond is small, have to ensure that they are not very expanded. This Brunner, belokopatnika, Houttuynia.

Don’t need to plant too many plants both on shore and in the pond, everything is good in moderation. There should be a balance between the water and wildlife.

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