All about dangerous fish of the red sea

Red sea enchants with its beauty and is the “most” according to many indicators – it is the saltiest sea in the world, the most closed (it does not no river flows), is the richest in respect of underwater fauna, and of course, the closest of the tropical seas for the Russian people. But it conceals a considerable threat, and the threat this dangerous fish of the red sea.

There are creatures which can result in serious health troubles. The article will consider the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.


Sharks are the largest predatory fish of the red sea. It is home to about 30 species of sharks, of which only two are dangerous to humans – the tiger and oceanic whitetip. Anyway too afraid of sharks is not worth it – they swim far into the open sea and rarely come to the coast.


In the Red sea there are two species of stingrays and electric hvostokol. The first can affect the person an electric shock which in some cases can lead to heart failure or paralysis. The second is at the end of the tail spike with a strong poison. Injection stingrays are very painful and the wound will be a long time to heal. In General these fish are not aggressive and without any reason that person is not attacked, but after meeting with them without the help of medical not do.

Sea urchins

Sea urchins are fish globular shape,dotted with huge sharp needles. I’m sure many have seen these creatures pictured in books about wildlife. On the sandy beaches of sea urchins almost never occur, but on a reef the beaches you can to meet them. Remember this if you go to Sharm El Sheikh.

Sea urchins are dangerous primarily to the fact that their needles are very sharp and can cause serious injury. Secondly, they are poisonous. Immediately after the shot of the fish the person feels unbearable pain, limb paralyses and she was very swollen. It would be impossible to walk another three days, and then the leg will be a long time to be sick.

Sea snakes

This is one of the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea – the poison of these fish many times greater than Cobra venom. However, the sea snake toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream very slowly, so if one had the misfortune to encounter it, he has enough time to get out of the water and immediately consult a physicians.

Lionfish (Zebra fish)

Extremely venomous predatory fish that live in the Red sea off the coast of Hurghada. Many saw this stunningly beautiful creature on photos and videos. She looks like a striped feather fan, bands are red, beige, black and white shades. It is significant that even other sea creatures kept their distance from her – so they are afraid of her. In its glorious fins hidden poisonous needles, pain from the injection which can be so severe that the person may lose consciousness. In some cases, there may come a paralysis of the respiratory muscles. Having seizures, disturbed heart function. It is believed that the venom of this dangerous fish is destroyed under high temperature, so the injection site should be immediately pour the very hot water. This is extremely frustrating, but it can save your life. Access to a doctor is also mandatory.

The stonefish

This fish is even scarier lionfish. It buries itself in the seabed and becomes like a stone, which is why got its name. At the base of the dorsal fin it are glands that produce a strong poison. The person immediately feels excruciating pain and may lose consciousness. There is the risk of vascular collapse and cardiac arrest. If you happen to step on a stonefish – the treatment may last for several months.

Starfish and cones

Sea stars are invertebrates ranging in size from 1 cm to 1 m. the Coloration is different, and the rays are poisonous spikes. The injections do not cause such fatal consequences, as the previous injections two beings, but the pain, burning and swelling in the limbs provided to you. It is for this reason you should not try to take the starfish in his hands.

Cones – these are some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. In the acute part of its shell is a spike with a strong poison that causes paralysis, anaphylactic shock, respiratory arrest. The cone, usually hiding in the sand and stepping on it during a severe low tide when the exposed seabed. Every third meeting of a man with this thing ends in death. Look at the photo to know what it looks like.

The red sea, of course, full of dangerous creatures, but if meeting with them happened often, no one went to rest on resorts of Egypt.

It is enough to observe some simple rules – do not swim far from the coast, not to swim in the open sea or at night, and watch your step, don’t go into the water with bleeding injuries on the body and not to try to pick up an unfamiliar creature. Be careful of dangerous fish you can avoid.

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